Industrial Air Blowers are the heart of many applications and so the breakdown of the air blower will be a costly affair as it may amount to a huge production loss.

Industrial air blowers perform at a high level in a harsh environment. So, it is essential to choose an air blower from the right blower manufacturer or supplier to rest assured of the high-quality blower and efficient performance.

Air blowers are the key equipment for many industrial operations and there is no way to underestimate the importance of their proper maintenance.

Tips to properly maintain the air blower for optimal performance


  1. Employee checklist: It is important to kick-start by creating an inspection checklist to help the employees stay on top of maintenance needs and schedules. So, the team responsible for the air blower maintenance knows the status of the corrected and pending issues and so on.
  2. Spare parts and components: It is important to rely on a professional company for expert cleaning and maintenance, it is always good to have small spare parts and components handy. In some cases, the skilled workforce can make minor repairs without the need to wait for the professional to arrive.
  3. Greasing: The industrial air blower supplier or manufacturer provides a detailed schedule for greasing. Some air blowers have a cutting-edge design that tracks the operation hours, thus making it easier to stay updated on greasing intervals.
  4. Cleaning: Air blowers need a thorough cleaning as part of their maintenance regime. Industrial air blowers work in the harsh environment and their fans get dirty. Along with the light cleaning several times a year, one needs to hire a professional for major cleaning annually at a minimum. Without proper cleaning, the air blower can lose up to 30% of its efficiency.
  5. Check the mounting hardware: Mounting hardware contains screws, plates, nuts, and varied segments that hold an industrial fan setup. Make sure that none of the parts have been extricated or show any kind of harm or damage.
  6. Well-being links of the cable and impeller: Check the security cable for any damage or signs of detachment. Also, over time the running residue gets aggregated on the impeller and this disturbs the impeller’s adjustment. Clean the impeller regularly through an upkeep window.
  7. Clean the garbage: Based on the climate there can be an inordinate measure of residue or assembling flotsam and jetsam near the air blower influencing its working capacity and thus they should be cleaned regularly for efficient blower performance.


Wrap up

Industrial blowers hold a significant role in many industrial applications. So, it is important to have a regular maintenance regime for the air blowers to ensure their efficient and optimum performance and long durable life.
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