Ultimate Bone Support is a novel bone health supplement introduced by Advanced Bionutritionals.

The supplement contains a combination of natural constituents, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and plant extracts, to promote bone health and prevent bone loss.

Is Ultimate Bone Support legit? Can Ultimate Bone Support effectively strengthen bones? Learn everything you need to know about the supplement in our comprehensive review.


What is Superior Bone Support?

Ultimate Bone Support is a nutritional supplement developed by Advanced Bionutritionals' Janet Zand, OMD, LAc.

By consuming one serving of Ultimate Bone Support daily, you can support bone health with a combination of ten constituents.

Ultimate Bone Support is marketed by Advanced Bionutritionals to anyone who desires to reverse bone loss, strengthen bones, and maintain bone health. In fact, according to Janet Zand, it is a "absolute must-have" if you have a Dowager's hump or are concerned about bone loss in general.

Ultimate Bone Support's primary component is strontium, which may promote bone mineral density while being safer than calcium.

Ultimate Bone Support is available exclusively through the online store of Advanced Bionutritionals and costs $39.95 per vial. All purchases are backed by a satisfaction guarantee for ninety days.


Ultimate Bone Support Benefits

Ultimate Bone Support is intended to promote bone health, reverse bone loss, and resolve bone density issues – such as "micro cracks" throughout the musculoskeletal system.

According to the official website, consuming Ultimate Bone Support daily has the following advantages:


Enhance bone density

Boost bone density

Promote collagen synthesis, joint health, and overall mobility for a stronger base.

Reverse a "dowager's hump"

Natural, non-GMO ingredients, such as strontium, have been shown to support bone health.

Target the underlying causes of bone loss and density problems

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How exactly does Ultimate Bone Support function?

Ultimate Bone Support contains a combination of 10 carefully selected ingredients to reverse bone loss, increase bone density, and provide your body with the nutrients it needs to remain strong, healthy, and active.

Certain components of Ultimate Bone Support stimulate osteoblast activity in the body. Osteoblasts are utilised by the body to generate new bone. Osteoblasts are required to fill in cavities, repair "micro cracks," and maintain bone density as one ages. Osteoblast activity declines naturally with age, but consuming a supplement such as Ultimate Bone Support may assist.

In addition, Ultimate Bone Support is designed to target osteoclasts, the molecules responsible for bone breakdown in the body. As part of the body's natural restorative mechanisms, osteoclasts are natural molecules that break down old bones. With age, osteoclast activity may surpass osteoblast activity, resulting in bone loss and bone density problems.

Ultimate Bone Support also contains ingredients that promote the areas surrounding your bones. Some of the constituents, for instance, stimulate collagen production. Collagen is the most prevalent connective tissue in the body, and the body requires collagen for healthy joints, epidermis, and overall mobility. These ingredients can build a solid foundation in the body, making it simpler to maintain healthy bones.

Ultimate Bone Support contains a combination of constituents associated with bone health, bone density, collagen production, and general musculoskeletal strength. By addressing nutritional deficiencies, Ultimate Bone Support could be beneficial in a variety of ways.


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A "Dowager's Hump" Can Be Treated with Bone Support of the Highest Order.

Some individuals experiencing bone loss and bone density issues develop a "dowager's hump." Due to bone loss, your spine may begin to naturally curve as you age, giving you a hunchbacked appearance. This is known as a widow's peak.

In fact, Janet Zand was inspired to develop Ultimate Bone Support after observing one of her patients contend with a dowager's hump.

Marcella, one of Janet's patients, observed the early warning symptoms of a dowager's hump. She was also aware that her mother and grandmother had experienced bone loss. She did not want to become emaciated and stooped like some of her elder relatives.

After discovering a small but perceptible protrusion between her shoulder blades, Marcella sought assistance from Janet Zand. Marcella ate well, exercised regularly, and did everything right; however, she was still on the road to bone loss and a dowager's hunch.

Janet referred to Marcella as "the incredible shrinking woman" due to Marcella's dowager's hump, but she wished to assist.

Janet determined that Marcella's dowager's hump was caused by a series of "micro cracks" in her back and vertebrae. She created Ultimate Bone Support to close in these micro cracks, restore bones, and reduce the risk of fractures, thereby assisting with dowager's hump and other bone density issues.

Ultimate Ingredients for Bone Health

Janet Zand hand-selected each of Ultimate Bone Support's ten active constituents for their ability to strengthen bones and promote overall bone health.

According to Janet Zand, the following are the 10 active constituents in Ultimate Bone Support and how they work:

The greatest component of Ultimate Bone Support is strontium, which is the number one bone builder. Each serving of two tablets contains 500 mg of strontium. Janet Zand refers to strontium as a "breakthrough in bone building" due to its ability to reduce your risk of micro fissures and fractures by 50%. The supplement aids in the formation of new bone and prevents the breakdown of existing bone. In order to accomplish these effects, strontium multiplies bone-building cells and inhibits the activity of bone-degrading cells, thereby addressing bone loss from two angles. Additionally, it can enhance the assimilation of calcium, phosphorus, and protein, thereby strengthening the bones.

Second Bone Builder: Hops Extract Hops are not only used to make beer; they also contain natural molecules that strengthen bones. According to Janet Zand, hops extract contains orthosilicic acid, a unique molecule that "stimulates your body to make more bone-building osteoblasts." The more osteoblast activity you have, the stronger and more durable your bones can be. Hops has a secondary effect on bone health in that it inhibits bone reabsorption, thereby preserving bone density. Instead of having your ancient bones broken down by osteoclasts, osteoblasts can promote bone growth. People with bone loss and bone density problems may have a higher osteoclast activity level than those with normal bone density.

Vitamin D is described by Janet Zand as "the hip fracture fighter" due to its ability to aid in muscle pains, calcium absorption, bone health, and other areas. Ultimate Bone Support contains 800 IU of vitamin D in the form of vitamin D3 per serving. This is the same form of vitamin D that your body converts when your epidermis is exposed to sunlight, and it is essential for bone density, hormone production, calcium absorption, and overall health.

L-lysine, one of the essential amino acids, is present in Bone Builder #4: L-Lysine: Ultimate Bone Support. L-lysine is an essential amino acid, meaning your body cannot produce it. You must instead obtain it from dietary sources or supplements. L-lysine was added to Ultimate Bone Support by Janet Zand due to its capacity to connect collagen fibres. Collagen is the most prevalent connective protein in the body, and high levels of collagen are associated with healthy joints and mobility. When joints are more mobile, fractures and breaks are less likely to occur. By incorporating L-lysine into Ultimate Bone Support, Janet Zand is assisting in the development of a secure foundation for robust bones and cartilage.

Vitamin K is frequently combined with vitamin D because the two vitamins have complementary effects on bone health. Nonetheless, vitamin K is also known as the "forgotten vitamin" due to its frequent neglect. This is regrettable for individuals with bone density issues, as vitamin K is essential to the bone-building process. In the absence of sufficient vitamin K, bones become fragile and brittle. When vitamin K levels are adequate, the body can produce osteocalcin, an essential protein for bone health.

Boron is described by Janet Zand as "the bone police" because it prevents essential minerals from leaving the body. When the body has difficulty absorbing nutrients from food and supplements, it can have detrimental effects on bone health and density. Boron facilitates the body's utilisation of essential nutrients such as vitamin D, magnesium, and calcium, which are all essential for bone health.

Bone Builder #7: Manganese: A remarkable number of adults are manganese deficient, but are unaware of it. Similar to vitamin K, this mineral is frequently neglected by patients and physicians. Manganese is essential to the production of healthy cartilage and joint fluid, so this poses a problem for bone loss. Additionally, it reduces the wear and strain on your bones.

Zinc is present in Bone Builder #8: Ultimate Bone Support to promote bone growth. Similar to copper deficiency, zinc deficiency is associated with impaired bone maturation. When the body is deficient in zinc, bone growth diminishes. As you age, zinc is required to modulate osteoblasts and osteoblasts, the natural molecules that create new bones and degrade old bones, respectively.

Copper, a mineral present in Bone Builder #9: Copper: Ultimate Bone Support, may delay bone loss by inhibiting bone resorption. Numerous studies have found that copper deficiency increases the risk of bone density problems. Copper also stimulates the production of collagen, which is why so many health and cosmetic supplements contain it.

Silicon is the tenth and final active ingredient found in Ultimate Bone Support. According to Janet Zand, silicon is an essential mineral for bone formation and "gives you steel bones." Silicon is utilised by the body to increase bone mineral density. In addition, it is essential for healthy epidermis and connective tissue, providing multiple benefits for the musculoskeletal system as a whole.


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What is the purpose of Strontium? Strontium vs. Calcium

Numerous supplements for bone health contain calcium. After noticing the early warning symptoms of bone loss, many individuals increase their calcium intake. However, calcium may not be the best option for your bone loss, which is why Janet Z and added strontium as the primary active ingredient to Ultimate Bone Support.

When you take a strontium supplement, the heavier strontium will supplant the lighter calcium in your bones, thereby increasing bone mineral density. Although it is not the same as bone formation, it can increase bone mineral density.

Additionally, some individuals avoid calcium due to the cardiovascular health hazards. Too much calcium can increase the risk of arterial calcification, a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks and strokes. When calcium is taken on a regular basis, it can coagulate in the arteries, causing blockages and an increase in blood pressure.

In lieu of a calcium supplement, many individuals take a strontium supplement, such as Ultimate Bone Support, to promote bone health.





















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