Proper selection of lights in the space aids designers in their work and helps to change the feel of the place appropriately. If the lighting is not done properly, the space you have designed may look unattractive to people and this is not something any designer would want to show in their work. They know the lighting strategies and what kind of lights we have to use and also know that it should match the shape of the place, color, natural light and the furniture to be placed in that particular place. Hanging lights have recently caught people's attention and are now a must-have feature in every interior design to complete the look. 

The Importance of Lighting in Interior Design

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Lighting is even more important than that, lighting is a way to create an atmosphere for a room. So lighting works to create a more warm, cozy, and welcoming atmosphere or a cool, sleek, and professional look for a room, depending on the room. It helps to emphasize certain architectural elements; and also changes colors and textures, not to mention its ability to change one's mood and productivity in the workplace. For example, chandeliers are both useful and attractive; they will look odd in a room and have no meaning if they are not illuminated.

Types of Hanging Lights for Interior Designing

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These are interconnected, more or less elaborate fittings and they usually become the main subject of attention in the interior. They can be placed in the living room, dining area, or even at the entrance of your home. Chandeliers can also be of different types and designs, including traditional crystal ones in the given pictures and more minimal structures in the pictures below. 

Pendant Lights

One of the most practical and popular lighting fixture types, pendant lights are best suited for kitchen-island lighting, dining table lighting, and corner reading lamp lighting. They can be used in groups or as individual pieces to look spectacular. There are some limited geometries and proportions, several materials to create a pendant light and it gives room for a bit of invention.


Having a distinct aesthetic truth, lanterns look perfect adding a distinctive direction to the look of the room. These are suitable for hanging in corridors, verandas, or any other space where wall fixtures may not be enough, and they also make good bedroom lighting. It is also possible to make lanterns from metal, glass, or wood materials; thus, there will be differences in their appearance.

Mini Pendant lights

Also known as EU pendants, mini pendants are significantly smaller than other pendant lights and can be used to illuminate small, narrow spaces or grouped with other fixtures. These are very useful when it comes to creating generalized lighting over a particular area such as above a counter or table.

Best Hanging Light Placement Ideas to Illuminate Your House

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Overhanging lighting fixtures can be hung from the ceiling, mounted or mounted above, or placed at the focal point of the room to enhance the luxurious look and feel of the room. Here are some strategies for optimal placement:

Center of the Room - When selecting a chandelier or any other large lamp, it is advisable to install it in the central area as it creates symmetry. This is quite effective to use in the living room, dining area as well as hall.

Above the Dining Table -  Those who place hanging lights above the dining table should take care to ensure that the light is placed at a height that is ideal for mealtime use and does not block vision. The usual height is that the fixture is placed 30-36 inches above the table level.

Kitchen Island - Fixtures that are mounted on pendants should be placed evenly above the kitchen island with a traditional placement of seven to four inches. Ideally, the height from the countertop should be 750-900 millimeters to provide sufficient lighting when cooking or eating.

Reading Nooks and Workspaces - It is advisable to have more specific lighting for reading corners or places to work, hanging lights should be placed in such a way that they do not cast any glare and shadows. Suspension lamps that can be adjusted, or functional lamps are suitable for these areas.

Hallways and Corridors - Through decorative hall lights, sufficient illumination should be achieved so that the area can be safely interacted with. If the budget is tight then perhaps considering a lantern type or small hanging bulbs arranged at certain intervals along the hallway line will create a matching approach.

Tips for Keeping Your Hanging Lights Sparkling

The maintenance tasks associated with hanging lights keep them beautiful and functional for many years. Here are some tips to maintain your fixtures -

  • Hanging lights are often exposed to dust and dirt, which can alter their appearance and functionality. Some proper cleaning solutions include dusting the fixtures frequently and cleaning particularly stained surfaces frequently.
  • Check the lights periodically to ensure that they are not broken, or their filament is not burnt. You should take action as soon as possible by fixing them, especially if they are malfunctioning or posing a threat to the health of individuals.
  • When lights flicker, they should be replaced immediately so that the lighting system is not affected. Another option is to use more energy efficient bulbs if you are not already doing so.
  • Also, make sure that all fixtures are well-fixed or mounted securely. If any of these shows that the connection is likely to be loose or unstable, fix the problem or consult a professional.
  • Attics and stairs may need the help of a professional cleaning company to clean tall fixtures such as chandeliers. 


Hanging lights are a true beauty and can be placed anywhere in the room and look classy. At Whispering Homes, we emphasize that correctly placed and colored lights can change the look of a space and make it more attractive and useful. As discussed in the different categories of hanging lights, placement of hanging lights, and how to decide on suitable hanging lights, we can learn how to provide adequate lighting and good feeling in the house. Build a house and keep up with the trend of new models to get the best feel and lighting over the years.

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