headlines are predicting a 100% price spike after the FOMC meeting. The FOMC meeting wrapped up yesterday; let’s shift our focus to the latest on Pepe and Play Doge, the meme coins.


Potential Market Movements


If these predictions come true, we could see major action for Play Doge as meme coins rocket higher. If this interests you, let’s get started. It’s easy to connect your wallet and make a purchase.


Bitcoin’s Reaction and Pepe’s Potential


Bitcoin’s rapid fall on the interest rate decision indicates that people expected different news — possibly a rate cut. Instead, we got unchanged rates, leading market participants to look at Pepe. Pepe could see a 100% price increase if conditions align.


Key Points for Pepe


Pepe’s price is currently testing a lower trend line of the rising wedge pattern, with the potential to rebound 100%. A 100% increase would push Pepe beyond its all-time highs.


Despite recent price corrections, large investors continue to hold substantial Pepe supplies, boosting expectations for a September interest rate cut.


Pepe was the fastest token to reach a billion-dollar market cap, and if it hits a 100% price increase, it could gear towards a $10 billion market cap.


Meme Coins and Market Trends


If Pepe achieves a $10 billion market cap, meme coins like Play Doge could see significant gains.


Investing in established tokens like Pepe or Shiba Inu provides more security, but new tokens like Play Doge have high potential due to their small initial market caps.


How to Buy Play Doge


Buying Play Doge is simple. Connect your wallet, choose how much to buy (e.g., 5 Ethereum worth), and you’ll get 3.46 million Play Doge.


You can also buy with USDT or on the Koinpark blockchain, where you can stake Play Doge and earn 87% annualized interest. The reward rate is dynamic and will decrease as more people stake their tokens.


Play Doge Features


Play Doge is a play-to-earn Doge companion game with 40 stages of price increases before the pre-sale ends. The game features a Tamagotchi-style Doge you can pet, feed, water, and entertain to earn Play Doge. Mini-games will also be available, offering more ways to earn tokens.




Play Doge is gaining traction with $4.1 million raised in the first two weeks of the pre-sale. It targets the ’90s nostalgia demographic with a Tamagotchi-style game and offers significant earning potential through its play-to-earn model.

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