Video surveillance has become an integral part of modern security strategies.

With the advancements in technology, surveillance systems have significantly evolved, providing businesses with advanced features that help deter crime and enhance security.

This article features the significance of surveillance in contemporary security practices, exploring its various applications, types, and advantages.

Understanding Video Surveillance

Video surveillance, also known as closed-circuit television (CCTV), entails the use of cameras to monitor and record activities in a designated area. These cameras transmit footage to a central location where it can be viewed live or stored for later review.

With technological advancements, modern surveillance systems offer myriad features and capabilities designed to enhance Security Monitoring Calgary and efficiency.

Types of Surveillance Cameras

  • Fixed CCTV Cameras: These cameras come in various types, including IP Low Light Bullet Cameras and IP Water Resistant Night Vision Bullet Cameras. They are commonly used for general surveillance purposes in commercial settings due to their flexibility and configuration options.
  • IP Cameras: IP cameras, also known as network cameras, are surveillance cameras that capture and transmit video data over an Internet Protocol (IP) network. Unlike traditional analog cameras, which require a separate coaxial cable for video transmission, IP cameras utilize Ethernet or Wi-Fi connections to send video footage to a centralized recording device or directly to a network video recorder (NVR) or video management system (VMS).
  • IP Night Vision Dome Cameras: These cameras feature a fixed lens mounted on a circuit board and are suitable for discreet or covert surveillance. They may be packaged in small cases or domes for different applications.
  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) Cameras: PTZ cameras offer enhanced flexibility with the ability to rotate horizontally and vertically and zoom in on specific areas of interest. They are increasingly affordable and widely used in diverse settings.

Advantages of Video Surveillance

Increased Security and Safety

  • Deterrence of Criminal Activity: The presence of surveillance cameras acts as a deterrent to potential intruders or wrongdoers, reducing the likelihood of criminal activity.
  • Remote Monitoring: Surveillance systems with videos enable remote monitoring of premises, allowing for real-time observation and prompt response to security threats or emergencies.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

  • Loss Prevention: Surveillance cameras help businesses minimize losses due to theft or vandalism, protecting assets and inventory.
  • Productivity Monitoring: Employers can use surveillance to monitor employee activities and ensure adherence to company policies and procedures.

Legal and Compliance Benefits

  • Evidentiary Support: High-resolution footage captured by IP cameras provides clear evidence that can be used for investigations, litigation, or insurance claims.
  • Compliance Requirements: Certain industries have regulatory requirements mandating the use of surveillance systems to ensure compliance with Security Monitoring Calgary

IP Cameras vs. Analog Cameras

The advent of IP cameras has revolutionized the field of video surveillance, offering numerous advantages over traditional analog cameras.

  • Superior Image Quality: IP cameras provide higher resolution and clarity, making it easier to discern details such as faces or license plates, which is crucial for identification and evidence purposes.
  • Network Connectivity: IP cameras transmit data over existing computer networks, enabling remote access and control via web browsers or mobile devices.


Video surveillance is essential in modern security strategies, offering a proactive approach to safeguarding assets, ensuring safety, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Whether it's deterring criminal activity, monitoring operations, or complying with regulations, surveillance cameras provide invaluable insights and protection.

With advancements such as IP cameras, businesses can effectively leverage cutting-edge technology to bolster their Security Monitoring Calgary measures.

Considering the importance of security in today's world, choosing reliable surveillance solutions is essential.

Certified Alarms offers modern video surveillance services customized to meet the diverse needs of businesses. Their motto, “Protecting people, property, and profits,” helps businesses make informed decisions.

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