Braces effectively straighten teeth by applying low pressure. This constant pressure moves the teeth into the correct position. According to Dr. Ravneet Kaur, a leading orthodontist in Delhi, braces are one of the most effective methods for straightening teeth and correcting dental issues. Whether dealing with overcrowding, gaps, or misaligned teeth, braces can help achieve a healthy, attractive smile

How Fast Do Braces Work in Straightening Teeth? 

The speed at which braces can straighten teeth depends on several factors, including the complexity of the case, the type of braces used, and the patient’s adherence to treatment guidelines. No matter what type of braces one gets, it is a customized solution tailored to the patient. The average time for the patient to wear braces is 6 to 30 months. However, teeth that require extensive treatment may warrant braces for 36 months.

Do Braces Straighten Teeth Permanently? 

Almost all individuals can permanently straighten their teeth using teeth. However, if the teeth are only slightly crooked or crowded, an orthodontist-prescribed retainer may be needed.

Avail the Benefits of Braces Treatment To Achieve Straight Teeth 

If one is looking to straighten their teeth with braces treatment, one can consider consulting Dr. Ravneet Kaur, a leading orthodontist at Smiles By Dr. Ravneet dental clinic. The expert orthodontist offers safe and effective braces treatment at her clinic to help transform one’s smile, correct misaligned teeth, fix bite issues, improve speech and crooked teeth, and shift protruding teeth back into their ideal positions. 

The braces treatment cost in Delhi at Smile By Dr. Ravneet Kaur’s dental clinic ranges from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 1,40,000. This varies from patient to patient and depends on factors such as the type of braces, the complexity of the case, etc. 

Visit the clinic today to know the exact cost of braces treatment!

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