In the electronics industry, being able to quickly create and test new prototypes is key. Whether you're a startup or an established company, the path to market starts with a well-made printed circuit board (PCB) prototype.

At PCBLOOP, we help professionals and businesses involved in PCB design, manufacturing, and assembly by connecting them with trusted PCB prototype fabrication resources.

Why Prototype PCBs?

PCB prototyping is an essential step to:

  1. Test that your design works as intended before full production.
  2. Identify any potential manufacturing issues early on.
  3. Get feedback on the user experience to improve your design.
  4. Show a real prototype to get buy-in from stakeholders.
  5. Speed up your time-to-market by catching problems upfront.

The PCBLOOP Advantage

At PCBLOOP, we've carefully selected a network of top-rated PCB prototype makers known for reliability, expertise, and quality. Our strict vetting process ensures our partners meet high standards.

Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to find the right fabricator for your project needs. You can filter by location, capabilities, certifications, and more.

Benefits of PCBLOOP

  1. Quick Turnarounds: Our fabricators can handle rushed prototyping for fast iterations.
  2. Advanced Capabilities: From simple to complex multi-layer, HDI, rigid-flex and specialty boards.
  3. Full Support: Experts to guide your whole prototyping process.
  4. Quality-Focused: Continuous monitoring of fabricators' quality control.
  5. Cost-Effective: Competitive pricing leveraging economies of scale.
  6. Scalability: Scale up from prototypes to low or high-volume production.

Solutions for Your Needs

We work closely with you to understand your project's unique requirements, challenges and goals. Our experts will guide you to the best prototyping partner from our network.

Whether you need quick turnarounds, special materials, design for manufacturing analysis or anything else, our partners deliver exceptional results.

Quality is Our Priority

Quality is our top focus at PCBLOOP. We continuously evaluate our fabricators on quality processes, delivery times and customer satisfaction to ensure excellence.

If any issues arise, we quickly take corrective action. Our open communication approach enables continuous improvement in partnership with customers.

Get Started Today

For electronics companies, the ability to rapidly prototype is crucial for innovation and staying competitive. Partner with PCBLOOP to streamline prototyping.

Our network of reliable, top-rated fabricators, tailored solutions, and quality assurance allow you to confidently bring new product ideas to life.

Join PCBLOOP today and focus on design and innovation while we connect you with trusted expertise for your PCB prototyping needs.

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