Prestigious Veterinary Medicine Manufacturer in India – Alicanto Biotech

Veterinary Medicine Manufacturer in India Alicanto Biotech is a prestigious Veterinary Manufacturer in India that keeps pace with international standards for producing the best, cheapest quality animal health medicines.

Veterinary Medicine Manufacturer in India
Alicanto Biotech has an extensive line of Veterinary Pharma products with such items as feed supplements, liquid injections, dry injections , bolus, liver tonics, uterine tonics, uterine cleansers, wound-healing-spray, fly repellent sprays ,antiparasitics, antibiotics, multivitamins, topical medications , soaps , powder, feed supplements , liquid feed supplements and many others. We offer the best quality products that has been examined and approved by DCGI and CDSCO Veterinary Department in India.

About Veterinary Medicine Manufacturers in India

Across the globe and in many countries, the health and well-being of Animals and birds are served by the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. When India is considered, there is a demand for veterinary medicine and products like feed supplements constantly increases. The point to observe is that these drugs and supplements are the main corpus for improving productiveness for both farmers and veterinary experts, and at the same time assisting in boosting animals’ health and vitality.

The percentage of manufacturers varies from country to country depending true and tested medications, feed supplements, and remedies for the existing influence of diseases seen among poultry, cows, pigs, fish, buffaloes, and others. Engineers and their products is the great proof of how manufacturers impact rural locations that are related not only with agriculture but economy as well. The help of scientists is to systematically develop and authorize a variety of feed supplements, drugs, and vaccines as well as customized medicines depending on the characteristics of animal and its needs.

Now, in order to be independent, India is observing the evolution and the development in this country in agriculture and animal husbandry breeding and caring for animals. The production of veterinary medicines would logically witness a similar increase because the drugs should be reliable, nontoxic, and affordable to ensure the health of animals. thus the manufacturing sector would contribute greatly to the industrial and commercial growth as well as food security of India.

Leading Veterinary Manufacturing Company In India – Alicanto Biotech

Alicanto Biotech being the top company in India engaged in the production and distribution of branded animal health drugs is a major name among well known pharmaceutical companies and it offers a wide range of veterinary products at very low prices. For years, we provided services in terms of designing and supplying these products to the unit of the central and zealous industrial areas of the country with the spirit to serve the motherland in her development process. our full production complex is supplied with the machinery and technologies which helps us to offer the product in a large-scale and a short time.

In our association, you can get formulations of innovative and latest medicines, as we the professionals, has an R&D Department team. As to the degree of attention we are paying to the production standards of animal health products the most rigorous requirements of GMP, GLP and WHO would be just the opposite of the measure necessary to meet every single client’s complete needs. Some of the best highlights of the company are mentioned below:

  • The manufacturer counts as an entity with superior quality control standards accredited by International organizations (GMP, WHO) Our products pertaining to the Veterinary field are licensed with DCGI and CDSCO.
  • We have professional quality control department and big R&D department.
  • Our manufacturing units altogether are situated in the specific business hubs of India
  • We are the first-choice ‘go-to’ place for customers seeking both Quality and Affordability.
Vet Medicine Manufacturers

World at large the medical health supply industry plays a crucial role to address animal care and welfare and is spearheaded by Veterinary medicine manufacturers. India proud itself to have the company as Alicanto Biotech, which is a leading vet medicine manufacturer for this specific purpose through its high-quality nutritious livestock feed supplements. Unlike the existing manufacturers in India, we offer a wide range of products that are scientifically aided and technologically advanced due to their uniqueness of formulations. 

Each batch of those products are checked for quality optimization before the production and packaging. Due to the special unique formulations of customized brands growth, well being and development of livestock in addition to production innovations in cattle are promoted.

Benefits of Third-Party Manufacturing of Veterinary Products

Our strength is in making quality products, having high level R&D coordination and being unique in delivery, which our clients are well aware of. As a Veterinary medicine supplier. Our services offer a large number of benefits to our clients, such as:

  • Low-priced services via OIO.
  • Encouragement of promos, brochures, dealing notebook, drug description tables, display boards, posters, stationery, bags, glossaries, gift items, and many others.
  • Gifts and discounts are big marketing channels of the retailers.
  • Marketing and sales exclusivity are reserved to a defined location (Monopoly).
  • The ongoing aid of Alicanto Biotech’s experts having varied profiles of professionals.

Therefore, if you want a supply of high-quality and reliable Veterinary Medicine Company, your search has ended here. Alicanto contains CIT’s in-house research and development as well as quality control department with all modern testing facilities.

At each stage of the procurement, production, packaging, distribution models, the quality of all products is checked and assessed. The CGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) is a quality system covering material procurement (from initial materials until final release) and all the manufacturing processes in between. Our manufacturing process is implemented in accordance with these conditions.

Alicanto Biotech – Top Veterinary Medicine Manufacturers in India

Alicanto Biotech is currently on the top list given here. the enterprise applies the best efforts to developing reliable human pharmaceuticals at reasonable prices. The company is getting big and pushes the envelope of international standards with its unique products comparable to their quality equivalent. Aiming to assist all animals and pets with high-quality veterinary solutions Alicanto Biotech develops to provide the treatment in the form of injects, oral gel etc. The company’s philosophy envisions creating maximum customer satisfaction and contribution in the prosperity of the clients. That is why the business in question is aiming on making each facet of the pharmaceutical product’s production process top-notch.

Here are the features of the Top Veterinary Medicine Manufacturers in India:

  • Use of the entire core product of manufactured medicine combined with the latest equipment.
  • Compiling a bunch from actual customers feedback.
  • Employment of accredited workers who would be been in charge of the hygiene and top quality manufacturing of drugs.
  • Our operations are certified across the world and recognized for our hygiene-based manufacturing processes.
  • Emerging country’s production facilities approved by ISO and GMP-WHO.
  • The latest methodologies extensive applied, including product designs and packaging.
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