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"Educate a girl, and you will educate a whole nation." This powerful quote resonates deeply with the exceptional work being done by Munawwarah Girls Orphanage Trust in Tamil Nadu. Every girl deserves love, care, and a chance to shine, especially those who have faced adversity. Munawwarah Girls Orphanage Trust, as one of the leading Muslim girls orphanages in Tamilnadu, is dedicated to transforming lives and nurturing potential.


Our Mission:

Our mission is simple yet profound: to promote their abilities, educate, guide, and shower them with the love and care they deserve. We understand the importance of providing a nurturing environment that empowers these girls to lead lives of dignity and contribute positively to society. Munawwarah Girls Orphanage Trust stands as a beacon of hope for orphaned, abandoned, and underprivileged Muslim girl children in Tamil Nadu.


Holistic Approach:

As one of the leading girls orphanages in Tamilnadu, we take pride in our holistic approach. We provide not just basic necessities like good clothes, healthy food, hygienic water, medicines, and medical treatments but also emphasize the importance of education. We offer free Islamic Studies and Holy Quran classes, instilling spiritual values and knowledge in our children. Our aim goes beyond addressing basic needs. At Munawwarah Girls Orphanage Trust, we strive to raise the standard of living for these girls, ensuring they have access to quality healthcare and a safe environment.


Empowering Through Education:

We believe that by empowering these girls, we contribute to building a better society. We understand that education is a powerful tool for transformation. By educating girls, including those from girls' orphanages in Tamil Nadu like ours, we break the cycle of poverty and foster social justice. We are committed to providing underprivileged Muslim girl children with opportunities to excel academically and personally, empowering them to create brighter futures for themselves and their communities.


Celebrating Resilience:

At Munawwarah Girls Orphanage Trust, we celebrate the resilience and potential of every girl in our care. We believe that every girl, especially those from Muslim girls orphanages in Tamilnadu like ours, has the right to dream big and achieve her goals. Join us in empowering futures and creating a brighter tomorrow for these deserving girls from girls' orphanages in Tamil Nadu.


Contact : 

Munawwarah Girls Orphanage Trust

Address : 3/780, Alagar Kovil Main Road, Moondrumavadi, Madurai - 625007, TamilNadu, India

Mobile : 9715604495

Email : mdmmadani@gmail.com

Visit Us : https://munavvarahgirlsorphanage.com/

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