When it comes to investing money, people are very concern about the risk and return factor. New investors may not have knowledge of the investment and the financial market. In such situation they need an expert who can guide them to make a right decision and assist them in making investment in right direction. Such experts are called independent financial advisor in Perth. The major difference between an independent financial advisor and general financial advisor is that the independent financial advisors are not associated with any financial institution and they work independently. They guide the clients on their financial planning. Their role is to understand the client’s financial situation, their risk tolerance aspects and future financial goals.


Need of independent financial advisor


No one wants to waste their hardly earned income. So to manage their financials, they always chose to an independent financial advisor. Here are some reasons why people appoint them.


• Understanding financial matters and investment trends are complex. It requires an expert who has knowledge and experience of financial & investment field. So, an independent financial advisor helps the clients to understand the patterns and returns in financial matters.


• There are many terms & conditions and cost involved in financial plans and products. If not seen properly, people may suffer loss. With financial advisor, understand such terms & conditions and knowing the hidden cost is possible.


• There is no conflict of interest with independent financial advisor as compared to financial advisors. The advisors work with no sales goals and clients are their employers.


• An independent financial advisor gives more time to particular investors they are working with. So, they focus on every individual financial goal and help them to attain the same.


• There is convenience in handling the portfolio when an independent financial advisor is appointed. Time, energy and efforts are saved. The investors just need to follow the instructions of the advisor making investment hassle free.


So, the role of an independent financial advisor can never be ignored if a person desires to handle his portfolio in better way. They can guide on present and future investment avenues.

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