Military/COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) Power Line Filters are specialized electronic components used in military and aerospace applications to reduce electromagnetic interference and ensure that electronic equipment meets stringent emission requirements. These filters are designed to filter out unwanted electrical noise or interference that can disrupt the proper functioning of sensitive electronic systems.
Premier’s standard Military/COTS EMI Power Line Filters are rated to 300VAC, 520VAC and 500VDC for single phase, three phase and DC, respectively. All Military/COTS EMI Power Line Filters are designed and manufactured in the USA in our Southern California facility.
Purpose: The primary purpose of these filters is to mitigate electromagnetic interference in military and aerospace systems, ensuring that the equipment operates reliably and safely in electromagnetic environments.
Standards: Military/COTS EMI Power Line Filters are typically designed and tested to meet specific standards such as Mil-STD-461 (for military applications) and DO-160 (for aerospace applications). These standards define the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for military and aerospace equipment.
High Performance: These filters are engineered for high performance and are capable of attenuating a wide range of electromagnetic frequencies and noise sources. They are designed to provide effective filtering over a broad frequency spectrum.
Customization: While they are considered COTS components, they can often be customized to meet the specific requirements of a particular application. This can include variations in filtering characteristics, voltage ratings, and physical form factors.
Filter Types: There are various types of EMI power line filters, including single-phase and three-phase filters, which are designed to filter electrical noise on power lines. They may also include filters for other signal lines like data or communication lines.
Mechanical Design: These filters are typically designed to be rugged and able to withstand the harsh environmental conditions often encountered in military and aerospace applications. They may have features such as robust enclosures and connectors.
Compliance Testing: Filters are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the specified standards and performance criteria. Compliance with EMC standards is critical for military and aerospace equipment to operate reliably and safely.
Applications: These filters are used in a wide range of military and aerospace systems, including aircraft, spacecraft, ground vehicles, communication equipment, radar systems, and more.
Supply Chain: Military/COTS EMI Power Line Filters are often available through a specialized supply chain that caters to the needs of military and aerospace contractors. They may be sourced from trusted suppliers who specialize in EMC solutions.
Overall, Military/COTS EMI Power Line Filters play a crucial role in maintaining the electromagnetic compatibility and reliability of electronic systems in military and aerospace applications, where ensuring proper operation in harsh electromagnetic environments is of paramount importance.
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