Are you tired of spending endless hours on manual calculations and paperwork for your electrical projects? Look no further because Hybrid Pro Estimating Software is here to revolutionize how you estimate and cost your projects.


Explore how this cutting-edge software can streamline electrical projects and maximize efficiency.


What is Hybrid Pro Estimating Software?


Hybrid Pro Estimating Software is a powerful tool designed specifically for electrical contractors to simplify the estimation and costing process.


Combining the precision of electrical estimating programming with the convenience of on-screen takeoff, this software provides unmatched accuracy and efficiency for your projects.


The Benefits of Hybrid Pro Estimating Software


1. More Accurate Estimates

With Hybrid Pro Estimating Software, you can say goodbye to manual calculations and human errors. By integrating takeoff and estimating processes, the software ensures that your estimates are always accurate and up-to-date.


2. Real-Time Collaboration

Collaborating with multiple estimators on a single estimate has never been easier. With real-time synchronization, changes made to the takeoff are automatically reflected in the estimate, eliminating the need for manual checks and revisions.


3. Access to Managed Content and Pricing

Say goodbye to outdated pricing information and unreliable material lists. Hybrid Pro Estimating Software provides access to a centralized content library with up-to-date prices, ensuring that your estimates are consistent and accurate.


4. Simplified Change Management

Dealing with change orders and RFIs can be a hassle, but it's a breeze with Hybrid Pro Estimating Software. The software offers a summarized view of all takeoffs in the estimate, making it easy to review and adjust as needed.


5. Automatic Updates

Keep your software and content library up-to-date without any hassle. With automatic updates, you'll always have access to the latest features and pricing information.




1. What is Hybrid Pro Estimating Software?

Hybrid Pro Estimating Software is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline the estimation and costing process for electrical contractors.


2. How does Hybrid Pro Estimating Software improve efficiency?

Hybrid Pro Estimating Software ensures accuracy, real-time collaboration, and access to up-to-date pricing information by integrating takeoff and estimating processes.


3. Can multiple estimators work on the same estimate simultaneously?

Yes, Hybrid Pro Estimating Software allows multiple estimators to collaborate on a single estimate in real time, ensuring that everyone works from the same data and information.

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