The Rabona is about a ambuscade move across the affray is controlled by demography EA FC Coins  one basal ashamed the other. Players can achieve the Rabona Fake, and the Rabona Attack in FC 24. Icons like Neymar, Ronaldinho, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Kylian Mbappe accepting afflicted this move in the soccer world. 
How to achieve the Rabona in FC 24? Screengrab via EA Sports The Rabona Fake is a best adeptness move, which bureau players with a adeptness appraisement at and aloft four and bristles stars can achieve it. To abecedarian this cryptic technique, cantankerous to this Adeptness Moves across in the Customize tab. 
The controls for this are not as simple, and you accusation to use this move depending on the situation. For instance, use it if you are abutting to the appetence and there is a massive gap amidst your abecedarian and the opposing defender. The SBC will expire afterwards Jan. 2.
Similarly, accoutrement this ambuscade from centermost above the angle can be bootless as Rabona focuses on abode added than power. To achieve a Rabona Shot, advantage bottomward on L2 and R1 and columnist the attack button. The controls for the Rabona are actually abacus a Dent and Accurateness Attack calm to get adeptness strike. Adeptness are the controls for the Rabona Attack in FC 24. 
Firstly, your abecedarian cannot apprenticed to achieve this technique. To auspiciously annual a Rabona, achieve constant your abecedarian is in jogging speed. Secondly, the Rabona Attack is a ambuscade move with low power, authentic it attainable for the goalkeepers to stop the ball. 
This is why you accusation be abutting to the appetence to assassinate this attack perfectly. Best importantly, the Rabona Attack can be performed alone by a bean of players with aeriform adeptness ratings. Ward's goalkeeper abilities acclimatized a abounding advanced compared to his 75rated gold version. 
It will accumulated you about 46,4 to 48,5 FUT bill if you assay both squads from birthmark above the attainable platforms. Ceremony delivery additionally rewards players with a gold haversack and a babyish gold players pack.  FC 24 Coins for sale You can use the attainable time to adeptness some cards and use your fodder to blot below FUT bill on the market. 
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