When discussing pleasurable sex, men and women disagree. Because of the different anatomies, the intercourse might be pleasurable for one partner while the other might not find it impressive. It is often a satisfaction battle where women lose out. Intercourse has been designed to satisfy the needs of the men. This is what clinical sexologists say. Luckily there are certain positions that will give your partner the utmost pleasure and would assure you both have a great time.

Communication, foreplay, and lubrication are all essential for enjoying great sex. But if you are new to this and wish to learn about certain other strategies, you can look for Manali Escort Service who will provide you with the best service. They will guarantee you have a great experience with your partner next time.


Best sex position for women

Women can benefit from sex in a lot of ways. For instance, it will improve cardiovascular health, pain elevation, decreased melancholy, and better self-esteem. The list here specifies the top sex positions that would be loved by her.

  1. Edge of the Bed Sexual Position

It is one of the top sex positions that will give her a great experience. The position happens to be a favorite for both women and men as it allows for deeper penetration. In the position, the woman has to lie on her back while the man will be entering from under the legs. She can choose to rest her against the torso or can simply put her feet on his chest. This will give better control over the angles and know what will feel better.


  1.   Coital Alignment Technique

The position is highly penetrative and is designed for better stimulation of the clitoris. It is the modification of everyone's favorite missionary position. In this position the woman will have her legs put together while the man will have them apart. The man then makes use of the legs to move the entire body. When the position is done in the right manner, it will move the mons Venus of the woman that is present over the shaft of the erectile tissue.

This is the position where the man will be able to penetrate only a bit inside the vagina. But you need not worry about it as it will be equally satisfying for both partners. If you just want to get first-hand experience in the position, then you can look for call girls in Manali to find a professional who will be there to understand the technique and know how to do it in the right way.


  1. The Amazon Sex Position

Right from the start, you must know it will require extra effort and flexibility. But the position will surely pay off. Herein the woman will have better control. To get in the position, the man must lie on his back and bring his knees to the chest. Now the woman needs to squat down with his legs wrapped over hers. You can choose to try different variations where your partner can kneel over.


  1. The Sunday Afternoon Sex Position

It is the ease and smoothness of the position which gives its name. It is yet another pleasurable choice for getting full access to the clitoris. The position is a variation of the X position, which is represented as scissors. Herein the man has to lie on a side while the woman will also lie on her side. She can now put one leg over the hip of the partner, and the other can be wrapped around the lower leg to pull him closer.


  1. Pirate's Bounty Position

The position is good for couples looking for something that is out of the normal options. It will allow for better clitoris stimulation and insertion. So it will be satisfying for both parties. For getting in the position, the woman needs to lie on her back, and the men herein will then place one leg on the shoulder of the partner while the other will be around his thigh. Using extra cushioning for the woman, like a pillow, can make the experience a lot better. You can look for call girls in Manali to understand the position and how it can be performed to meet the needs and provide your partner with a great time.


  1. Mastery Position

In this sex, position woman has to stay on the top. Remember, it does not require much effort from both parties, but it gives her control. While the men will have access to breasts and clitoris. Both partners will face each other in this position. Herein the man needs to be seated, and the woman will be in his lap, kneeling her legs outside. The position offers multiple options for couples as they can choose to get close and cuddle for better sensation.


  1. Doggy Style

This classic position requires no introduction. It is a great variation wherein the man will be able to enter either the vagina or the anal from the back. The position will give her some control over the pacing, assuring better clitoris stimulation. But for sure, it will guarantee a great time for both parties as there will be deeper penetration. Also, going rough with this style will be the best.

A great thing is even if you do not have a partner, you can simply look for manali call girl service and take their services to enjoy this classic style. The girls will be there to assure the best pleasures. Also, they will provide you with certain tips that will make it absolutely easy for you to have those private moments in the best possible way.


  1.   Cowgirl Position

Men are in absolute love with the position because it provides them with a great view. Not to mention it requires much less effort, which makes it quite welcoming. Women are a fan of this because it offers them the control of depth, speed, and penetration angle while assuring manual stimulation of the clitoris easier. No doubt the cowgirl position is a favorite for all. It would provide you with a great experience and guarantee you enjoy it to the fullest.

There are sex positions that would make your partner love it. Remember, you can look for call girls' service in Manali to find those experts who will make your time worthwhile. It is just the perfect opportunity for you to experience something out of this world and get some understanding of the actual job.


When it comes to enjoying a great sexual time with your partner, you need to know about those positions that will make it easier for her to enjoy the experience. Remember there are a lot of things you can do. Communication and lubrication are quite essential, but it is the sex positions that will guarantee both of you enjoy the best. You can consider looking for call girls in Manali to get the service and learn about the techniques for a better experience. Manali Escort World is the one you can trust to get the best call girls in Manali. There are horny and sensual ladies available, which will make your experience a lot better and guarantee you are fully satisfied.

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