Although we know the will be in Oakland, everything after that is a jumbled me s.Following the 2016 season, the Raiders could end up in Los Angeles, but only if the Chargers turn down their option to move.The Raiders could also stay in Oakland; after all, the team does have two one-year options that would enable them Yasiel Puig Jersey to stay in the city until 2018.What happens if Oakland and Los Angeles both fall through?Viva Las Vegas!Sin City was a hot topic at the NFL owners meetings this week, and it's starting to look like Vegas is becoming a more attractive option. "I think it would be a mistake to just write Las Vegas off," a high-ranking league official . "It's all predicated on getting the financing in order, but if they do, considering the Raiders brand and how well it could play in Las Vegas and all the various other dots that can be connected, the Raiders would have a very compelling argument to make."So far, Vegas has done one big thing that Oakland hasn't been able to do: come up Jose Iglesias Jersey with a stadium proposal. Back in January, the Las Vegas Sands drew up plans for a $1.2 billion that's practically .The Vegas plan beats the Oakland plan, because Oakland currently has no plan and zero funding for any potential plan, which is why the Raiders are in their current situation. NFL commi sioner Roger Goodell was asked about a Raiders move to Vegas on Wednesday at the owners meeting, and he didn't exactly shoot the idea down." Raiders owner Derek Dietrich Jersey Mark Davis is appropriately looking at all of his alternatives," Goodell said. "There are several cities that have a tremendous interest in the Raiders."Goodell did add that in an ideal world, the Raiders would stay in the Bay Area."I'm hopeful that we can avoid any relocation to start with," Goodell said.The elephant in the room with Vegas right now is gambling, which doesn't mesh well with the NFL's "We hate gambling" policy. However, for the first time, Goodell said that gambling might not be enough to keep a team out of Vegas. "We'd have to understand gambling , we'd have to understand what the impact is on us and ultimately each owner would have a vote on that," Goodell said. "That would be a factor that I think many owners would have to balance, the league would have to balance Pete Rose Jersey , but until we got a hard proposal that really put that in front of us, we'd have to understand what the ramifications of that are."That proposal could come soon.According , the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee is set to meet Thursday to "formally hear the proposal for the $1.2 billion stadium," which could be the first step in getting a stadium built. Not only that, but Vegas seems of building the stadium -- with or without an NFL team.Raiders owner Mark Davis visited in Nevada back in January and seemed to approve. Davis also made a follow-up visit recently, where he met with Nevada governor Brian Sandoval. While waiting for Oakland city and Alameda county entities to finalize the Raiders'... Paul Gutierrez (@PGutierrezESPN) At the owners meeting, Davis was asked if could "maximize the Raiders.""I think the Raiders Barry Larkin Jersey would maximize Las Vegas," Davis said.Whatever happens, Goodell doesn't think it will happen anytime soon."I think their ultimate decision is a long ways off," Goodell said.The Chargers only have until January 2017 to decide if they're going to L.A. or staying in San Diego, and the Raiders' lease in Oakland is up after the 2018 season, so the decision might not be as far off as we think.
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