Prepare to be busy if you're searching Ciudad Juarez for attractive things to do. This colourful town is great at bringing out the charm. The vast array of activities available here will amaze you. Regardless of your interests. To find out which ones are the greatest, keep reading.

Take one of the most well-liked tours or day trips to find out what makes Ciudad Juarez tick. See our best activities and make an easy reservation knowing that there are no hidden costs and that cancellations are free. Get Book Aeromexico Flight tickets to explore the city.

Parque Central Hermanos Escobar

A nice leisure facility. It has pools, sports facilities, and large green areas. It also has a man-made lake with boats. While replying to feedback, visitors may change their company profiles. They can add other media elements to them. Interacting with a variety of creatures, including giraffes. Animals such as ostriches, peacocks, and turtles, is a wonderful experience that the park has to offer.

Enjoy a Family Day at the Rodadora Museum

This is one of the biggest galleries. It is located in Ciudad Juarez. It is among the greatest locations for tourists who want to discover more concerning the past and traditions of the area. The cost of admission is just $4.

With so many exhibits that appeal to both young and old alike. It's the ideal spot to spend time with the family. It has facilities like a library and a 3D room. Visitors can relax and eat at the restaurant area after touring the museum.

People can book their tickets and choose the place where to sit. Aeromexico seat selection helps to find the best place in the flight.

Visit the Ciudad Juarez Market.

Some tourists like shopping for items in every nation they visit. Shops in market area, near the mission, are open to visitors.

Street performers in zoot costumes can be seen playing in the area of the market. Showcasing the lively culture of the city. There is a large selection of jewellery and excellent gifts from Mexico.

It won't be hard to talk with the most of the market vendors. Because they are all pleasant and inviting and speak English.

Admire the Lady of Guadalupe Mission and the Ciudad Juarez Cathedral.

It was the first settlement built along the Northern Passage, established in 1659. Travellers are drawn in by the charming adobe homes, wooden cables, and branches of palm trees.

The church remains today just as it was in the past. It is also available on vacations and other important occasions.

But there are more must-see sights in Ciudad Juarez. It is a well-liked tourist attraction in the city because of its classic design and tall floors.

In the Samalayuca Sand Dunes, have fun sandboarding.

These are the ideal location to draw tourists' attention. The desert's beauty reminds one of Africa's Sahara Desert. It is a great place for travellers to visit as a diversion while their stay. Because it is just an hour's drive away from Juarez.

One of the best activities is sandboarding in the Sand dunes. Which is ideal for those who want to engage in extreme sports. Because of the breathtaking surroundings, guests who are hesitant to try the sandboarding activity can still enjoy the stunning views while travelling across the desert.

Go to the Museum of Casa de Adobe.

The house's basic structure was destroyed by fire. However, the new house that the city constructed had nearly the exact same layout as the old one. Its purpose is to inform people about the background of Juarez and the implications of Madero and Pancho's intentions for the nation.

It serves as a means of teaching to the younger generation the value of the revolution. How it made possible the freedom they enjoy today.

Travellers who visit the Museum will get the chance to see some items. These were used in the Revolutionary War.

Summing Up

People can book their tickets and do modifications if needed by using Aeromexico Manage My Booking. Visit the place and enjoy the top attractions of the city with the family. Enjoy by viewing the mentioned places and have a pleasant journey.
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