You worked super hard to write your book. But selling copies takes mastering marketing too! Skilled book marketing services know clever tips to tell the world your book exists. We will explain 13 key things to look for when hiring expert book marketing services so your story gets noticed. 

Seek Custom Strategies According To Your Book

Great book marketing teams start by learning all about you and your creative dreams for your book. They ask questions and listen instead of selling one-size-fits all packages. Your book should feel like their favorite new project, not just another contract. Personalization matters.

Look for Lots of Book Genre Experience 

Another big thing is making sure a book marketing service has lots of past experience boosting books similar to the genre, age range and topics of your book. Those already successful selling cookbooks, kids' graphic novels or poetry anthologies have the right insider knowledge to handle your project. Niche focus is a good sign.

Ensure a Strong Strategy Framework Exists

You also want to hire a book promoter with a proven planning process for growth. This means they map out connected combinations of target audience research, brand positioning, website development, email lists, social media, paid advertising, book influencer outreach and local events rather than random acts of promotion. Ask to see their framework. 

Verify Authors Are Actively Involved

A noteworthy indicator of book marketing awesomeness is seeing the author actively involved throughout campaigns. You should expect collaborative kickoff calls plus regular check-ins as initiatives unroll. This allows tweaking approaches in real-time together for maximum impact. Dynamic duos do better.  

Look for Fresh, Creative Concepts 

Innovative book marketing pros brainstorm what’s new and next beyond the basics of book reviews and giveaways. For example, podcast guest spots, TikTok hashtags, Reddit AMA’s, Comic Con panels, drone photography contests or celebrity book club partnerships. Imaginative marketers make you say “I never thought of that!”  

Ensure Support Lasts Long Term

Unlike quick ad campaigns with fast fizzles, excellent book marketers fuel slow, steady momentum compounding over months and years. Ongoing content calendars, rolling social campaigns, regular publicity pitches and cycles of seasonal promotion drive continual discovery well past launch period.  

Check for Strong Previous Results 

The best indicator of future success is visible past success. Ask to see author case studies detailing actual growth data from their work together - increased ratings, sales spikes after campaigns, email list growth, web traffic lifts, and award nominations. Proof is powerful when quantifiable.

Look for Glowing Client Testimonials  

Satisfied authors make great references too. Check marketer websites and Google reviews for happy client testimonials. Or request a few trusted author contacts to call directly about first-hand experience working together. Hearing writers rave carries much more weight than vague promises from marketers themselves.  

Expect Regular Reporting and Revision

A book marketing dream team also provides consistent campaign analytics and recaps allowing fluid course correction together. Key indicators like website visitors, email open rates, contest entries, book sales rank surges, and social media chatter should be monitored and shared.  

Require Fair, Flexible Payment Terms

Top book marketing talent offers clear pricing and adjustable structures - value-packed monthly retainers, bonus royalty discounts, sized-based bundles or pay-as-you-go hourly plans to meet different book needs. Reasonable investment shows commitment without overextending early authors. Mutually aligned budgets just feel right.

Verify Quick Communication and Responsiveness

Another positive sign is a marketing service that replies to inquiries promptly with thoughtful, personalized responses. They should ask interesting questions about your book and goals. Generic autoresponder messages or copy-paste replies feel less promising. You want a real conversation showing genuine interest.

Expect Some Free Tips and Advice Upfront

Generous marketing talent also shares general guidance, ideas and best practices even before you hire them. Free personalized brainstorming calls, readiness assessments, resource sharing and warm introductions show goodwill investment in you. A little early support speaks volumes about their working style.

Look for Post-Campaign Follow-Through

Finally, the mark of an exceptional book marketer is sticking by you long after a launch campaign wraps. Continued social media community management, awards submissions each season, ongoing media pitching and consultations around future book projects all continue fueling your growth for years to come. Thriving relationships blossom.


As you can see, professional book marketing services worth hiring become trusted members of your author success squad. They blend imagination, expertise and elbow grease to spotlight your book all while keeping you in the loop. Patience and persistence pay off when you invest wisely in amplifying partners fully committed to your writing dreams!

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