To provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of how a live chat app development company operates, this blog attempts to answer that specific question. It will additionally allow you to examine the variety of aspects that influence the cost of developing a chat app similar to WhatsApp and the underlying technologies that significantly contribute to WhatsApp’s popularity.


How to Craft a Chat App like WhatsApp?


custom app development company must establish a comprehensive plan of the entire process when creating a messaging software such as WhatsApp whenever you begin actual development. The fundamental actions to take when creating a chat app are listed below:


  • Choose a business plan that aligns with your chat service concept, considering customer base, monetization, app value, competition, and app store optimizations.

  • Contact a skilled team for software development assistance, benefiting from timely meeting of criteria and timelines, as well as diverse engagement types.

  • Start building the app framework, learn about background processes and design, and incorporate flexible communication channels for app sustainability.

  • To give it the appearance as though it is a bespoke software matching your business’s requirements, add MVP functionalities.


What are the Basic Stages for Creating a Chat App?


Given below are some basic stages of chat app development: 


  • Initiate comprehensive market research.
  • Select a viable business strategy.
  • Engage a skilled team to create the app
  • Commence with the app structure
  • Add relevant MVP elements
  • Start developing the app.
  • Run multiple quality checks
  • Begin deployment at suitable app stores
  • Start including additional functionalities
  • Adopt the latest trends 


What is the Cost of Creating a Chat App Similar to WhatsApp?


A chat app similar to WhatsApp will typically cost between $25,000 and $60,000 to develop. The total budget for an app can be significantly influenced by various factors such as its layout, development strategy, ecosystem, geographic area, and hourly development rates.

What are the Factors that Affect the Budget for Chat Apps like WhatsApp?


The complete list of all the aspects that affect the chat app development budget is given below: 


Complexity of the App: The price of developing a chat app is directly influenced by the program’s comprehensive versatility. A basic application with a limited feature set might be less expensive than one with a long feature set and an advanced and powerful user interface. 


User Interface & User Experience Designing: The Android app development agency experts state that the mobile app’s success depends on having a clear UX/UI layout, which opens up the possibility for higher user retention and engagement levels.


Choosing a Suitable App Platform – iOS/Android or Hybrid: The choice between cross-platform, iOS, or Android apps depends on the customer base, but Android app development may increase expenses due to thorough screening procedures.


Size and Type of Resources – Outsourced/In-House: If your business requirements are outsourced to an organization in a nation with an affordable rate of development, you can further cut costs. They can equip you with specialized knowledge and abilities for a lesser price.


According to the best mobile app development company in USA, it is best to fully understand the technical workforce requirements before determining the average cost to develop a chat app. The fundamental prerequisites for a development team are:


  • Development Manager 
  • Business experts
  • Front-end programmers
  • Back-end programmers
  • Designers
  • Quality Control Specialists


Top 11 Most Sought-after Features in Chat Apps


Creating a chat app with a long list of features can give you the competitive advantage you seek in the increasingly challenging environment of the On Demand app development services market.


  • Signing Up
  • One-on-one, Group, and Broadcast-level Texting in Real Time
  • Audio Calling
  • Video Chats
  • Media (Audio/Video/Image) Sharing
  • Settings Layout
  • Contact Swapping
  • Geolocation Capabilities
  • Notification Alerts
  • Chat Headings

What are the Technology Stacks and Tools Required?

According to the top mobile app development companies in USA, a technological stack seems to be a combination of packages, protocols, as well as other tools that support the creation, delivery, and upkeep of applications. It generally includes instruments made for essential activities. 


Here’s a list of the most popular technologies used to build chat apps like WhatsApp:


  • Erlang (Primary Coding Language)
  • Ejabberd and YAWS (Web Servers)
  • Menesia (Database)
  • SQLite (Offline database)
  • XMPP (Protocol) 
  • Native app languages (Java, C++, C#, and Objective C)


Experts providing mobile app development services in USA state that the price to develop a chat app will differ considerably based on the technology stack chosen.




The industry for chat app development is heavily influenced by a small number of leading companies, but as the needs of customers and technology continue to progress, emerging messaging and chat applications have the opportunity to expand their market dominance.

If you desire to know more about the world of chat app development services, then you can connect with one of the top Android and iOS app development companies in the business. A3Logics has to be one of the top choices as it comes with highly acclaimed resources to match your expectations. 


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