What To Look For When Buying A Gaming Laptop With Computer Stores In Melbourne?

With a range of products present in the market today, gaming laptops are also not behind and they have a wide variety of specifications to offer for their users. But, while selecting your preferred laptop you need to look after some quality features to ensure the best possible performance to secure while playing your favourite game.

So, to help you make some strong decisions about the same, here is a short guide that you can consider with top-quality features to keep in mind:


Graphics are the ideal choice for gamers and this thing has the potential to make or ruin your gaming experience. Integrated graphics cards or GPUs that share RAM as well as space with the CPU can take help of the same for improving gaming experience. However, individuals who love casual gaming and at the same time don't need their laptops to run heavy graphics programs, then they can skip this option.

Options with Display

This may not be your priority, but you should also not ignore it. Most gaming laptops have screens that are between 15 and 17 inches wide. It's important to remember that your screen should have a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Apart from that, the refresh rate is yet another crucial element. Most of the computer stores in Melbourne can deliver your PCs with a 60Hz of refresh rate that would be more than sufficient for you. Anything more, like 144Hz, would necessitate a uniquely built game that prioritizes the frame rate over the subtleties of the graphics. Touch options are also available on some screens. In case you are searching for a prominent laptop for gaming, stay away from these as they drain a lot of battery life.

Consider Battery life

For gaming laptops to operate at their peak efficiency, they must be plugged in as far as battery life is considered. This basically means that if you want a gaming laptop with decent performance, portability should not be your main concern. Because of their powerful performance, gaming laptops typically only require a few hours of charging time between charges.

Storage & RAM

Gaming RAM RAM-consuming tasks and you would definitely need a minimum of 16GB of RAM, since even laptops designed for productivity only have 8GB these days. SSDs are the best option when it comes to taking storage into consideration. Although they are slightly more costly, they significantly shorten load times. A tiny SSD with a hard disk for use as the boot drive can perform better for your laptop. Also, a quicker 7,200 rpm HDD is preferable to a slower 5,400 rpm HDD if that's all you are purchasing. Also, choosing a laptop that provides you with the choice of upgrade can be a better idea.

Importance of Keyboards!

A keyboard is as important for gaming as the above-mentioned features. Things like key travel, feedback, feel, and most importantly, ghosting, are a few things you need to keep in mind while narrowing down your options.

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