An IP address tracker tool helps to detect, track and trace any existing and public IP addresses around the world. This type of tool provides an easy way to search, track and get details of an IP address for different purposes.

These are the reasons that explain the need for IP address management software:

  • It helps generate more leads by knowing the type and number of visitors to a website.
  • To maintain a future-proof network as IP-enabled devices are increasing at a rapid rate.
  • Increased productivity with automated provisioning and management, saving a lot of time and effort.
  • Help retain customers with more accurate address location, attracting new leads and adding value services.
  • Reducing outages with automated IP provisioning helps businesses during network downtime.
  • Improved sales process by prioritizing leads and keeping an eye out for an interested customer visit.
  • Automated IPAM and advanced network features help reduce labor costs, which ultimately leads to lower costs for customers.

What are the different types of IP tracking tools?

Check out the list of the best IP address tracking solutions below for each type of environment.


#1) Solarwinds IP Address Tracker

#2) IP Management

#3) What is my IP address

#4) IPAM BlueCat

#5) Advanced IP Scanner

#6) BT Diamond IP

#7) IP Tracker

#8) Angry IP Scanner

#9) LizardSystems Network Scanner

#10) Bopup Scanner

#11) Alcatel-Lucent VitalQIP

#12) Infoblox Trinzic

#1) Solarwinds IP Address Tracker

Best for Enterprise Grade IT Management Solution

Solarwinds IP Tracker Pricing – Solarwinds offers a free IP tracker and a paid IP tracker tool. The Paid Tool – IP Address Manager starts at $1,995 with a 30-day free trial.

Solarwinds offers a scalable, easy-to-use, enterprise-grade IP management solution for all types of users. Solarwinds IP Address Tracker allows users to scan, track and manage IP addresses as well.

It provides an integrated, affordable and easy-to-use DDI management solution. Helps reduce IP management costs and minimizes network downtime through proactive alerting and troubleshooting capabilities.


  • Address IP conflicts, monitor subnets, and enable IPAM functionality.
  • Manage up to 254 IP addresses, affordable and easy-to-use integrated DDI management solutions.
  • Automatically detect and set alerts for IP conflicts and track IP address availability.
  • Detailed IP histories, event logs, reports and avoid user errors.
  • DHCP protocol, troubleshooting capabilities, and proactive alerting.

Verdict: Solarwinds offers an easy-to-use IP sniffer integrated with DNS monitoring to identify and eliminate critical issues. Also, the tool is a great option for tracking, managing, reporting, alerting, and detecting IP conflicts.

#2) IP Management

Best for: Administrators who require data and information frequently and easily.

Pricing: GestioIP is an open source platform with no pricing plans.

GestioIP is another open source and web-based automated IP address management software that includes some powerful features for high-end functionalities. In addition, its web-based interface requires no additional client software and supports both powerful fast search and advanced search.

The software offers automation, data presentation, infrastructure integration, and supported embedded tools. It helps you quickly find the information that administrators need on a regular basis.


  • Simple script-based installation, direct import of spreadsheets and export of data to CSV.
  • Multilingual, full IPv4/IPv6 support, DNS zone file generator and reverse zones.
  • Well documented, fully auditable and customizable statistics and columns.
  • Integrated subnet calculator, custom development service and configuration management module.

Verdict: GestioIP provides complete automation in network discovery and host discovery. Also, the plus point of this tool is that it is multilingual and supports nine different languages. Also, the tool is open source, which means that anyone can make changes to it.

#3) WhatIsMyIPAddress

Best for: Visual traceroute, advanced proxy check, blacklist check, and speed test.

Pricing: WhatIsMyIPAddress provides a free service to its users to track and trace IP addresses.

WhatIsMyIPAddress is one of the most popular IP address tools listed on trusted software review platforms like PCWorld, Business Insider, CNET, USA Today, Digital Trends, HuffPost, and many more.

Other than that, it also provides VPN services and maintains the security and privacy of its users. Users can also take advantage of other services, including a blacklist check, breach check, and proxy check.


  • How to Initialize a List in Java
  • Free IP tracker tool to track and trace any IP address.
  • IP location, map and details with estimated physical IP location.
  • Tracking the IP address of an email based on the headers.
  • Visual traceroute for mapped graphical representation.
  • Blacklist check, IP to hostname lookup, advanced proxy check and speed test.

Verdict: As almost all the leading and trusted platforms review the tool, the users can conceive the tool for the services it offers. Advanced proxy check, violation check and speed test make it the most convenient platform to track any IP address.

#4) BlueCat IPAM

Best for full IPv6 support, automated DDI management, and flexible access control.

Pricing: BlueCat has not listed pricing on its website. You can contact them to get a quote based on your requirements.

BlueCat is the only platform available for a network administrator to create a network using DNS, DHCP and IPAM bases. Additionally, the platform has eliminated the need to manually create and manage IP spreadsheets.

In addition, they have developed a new approach to handle DDI management tasks. The platform provides more flexible, scalable, and advanced features for performing IP operations.


  • Granular DNS records, DNS firewall, DNS automation, and seamless DNS migration.
  • Full IPv6 support, Mac DHCP filtering, flexible access control, and Microsoft Hyper-V support.
  • Flexible network configuration, built-in data validation tools, automatic network discovery, and DNS blacklisting.
  • Active Directory integration, support for BIND views, tracking, auditing and reporting.

Verdict: BlueCat's IPAM eliminates the old method of manually managing IP addresses. This tool offers a new technique to seamlessly report, audit, and track IP addresses in an automated manner.

#5) Advanced IP Scanner

Best for IT Professionals and network administrators as it works remotely.

Pricing: There are no pricing for the Advanced IP Scanner as it is a free IP tracking tool.

Advanced IP Scanner is one of the most reliable scanners to analyze IP addresses for free. The tool works as LAN scan and analysis, giving information about network devices and gives users access to control them remotely.

Also, the tool has a clean and simple interface to use and run as a portable version. According to official company claims, the free Advanced IP Scanner is trusted by more than 45 million users.


  • Easy access to network shares and does not require installation.
  • Remote control via RDP and Radmin, and compatible with Windows 10.
  • Remotely turn computers on and off.
  • Export scan results to CSV and Mac address detection.

Verdict: The best part of Advanced IP Scanner is that users do not need to install the software and it works remotely. Also, many IT professionals as well as network administrators have recommended the tool at Spiceworks.



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