Applying makeup can be a daunting task at times. No matter whether you are a pro in this, there are times when you will find applying makeup overwhelming. 

The Top Knot is the premier hair and makeup destination in Lucknow and Kanpur. Our team of expert stylists and makeup artists offer the best makeup artist course in Kanpur and training at our makeup academy in Lucknow. 

Our bridal makeup artist services in Kanpur and Lucknow are second to none. Plus, our unisex salon in both cities offers the best hair salon services, making us the top salon in Lucknow and Kanpur. Trust The Top Knot for all of your beauty needs

It goes overboard for a veteran who just cannot get perfect smoky eyes or is struggling with foundation application. To help you with your makeup whether for daily use or for a special occasion, mentioned are some incredible makeup tips and tricks you can consider.

We have all the best makeup courses that are easy, comfortable and effective .Our Best Makeup Academy in Lucknow will provide you with the complete knowledge about makeup and beauty products.

Consider Blush According to Your Face Type


Applying blush will undoubtedly be difficult for you. In the absence of doing anything correctly, you will just end up messing it up. Knowing your face shape is one of the most important and crucial steps in applying blush. You should be aware that blush has a variety of functions in addition to simply adding colour, including defining and contouring cheekbones. Given this, it is advisable to apply blush in a way that will highlight your facial characteristics that are best.

We are highly dedicated to offering the best makeup academy in Kanpur. If you are in search of the best makeup academy for your daughter, spouse or yourself we would love to help you out.

Keep the Primer in mind

Our academy is not just a makeup school but it's a complete transformation of your life. The way you see yourself, the way others see you too reflects on the person you are. And hence every one wants to look pretty and make an impact on others by adopting a glamorous personality.

To Mask Those Baggy Eyes

When it comes to concealing those baggy eyes, ladies frequently just sweep on a coat of concealer. First of all, you're doing it incorrectly. Highlighting the crease and applying a darker hue to the puffy area beneath the eyes are two cosmetic tricks and ideas to get the look right in one go.

Makeup Artist Course In Lucknow

Get your certificate of completion as an Aspiring Makeup artist. Learn to be a makeup artist from a professional Makeup Artist Course in Lucknow. This course is a perfect way for you to become a professional makeup artist with the knowledge of grooming and application of basic makeup techniques.

Makeup Artist Course in Kanpur

Get the best makeup artist course training centre in lucknow to learn makeup artistry at the studio. The Top Knot is a premier salon and makeup academy in Kanpur that provides professional-grade makeup artist courses for aspiring artists. Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything from basic makeup techniques to advanced bridal makeup services, taught by some of the best makeup artists in Kanpur.

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