Many women have also become a part of the workforce and are actively involved in society. This however has also led to many of them being stressed, tired, and unable to properly maintain their health leading them to develop various diseases. PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is one such case affecting many women around the world due to a poor lifestyle and not taking care of their health. Let us look at PCOS, its symptoms, its causes, and its treatment.

What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome?

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is a hormonal disease mainly affecting women who are in their early 20s or late 40s causing them to suffer from hormonal imbalance due to immature egg production in their ovaries. It has today become one of the leading diseases that are affecting women causing them to have less menstruation cycle or frequent periods. PCOS causes women’s ovaries to develop fluid-filled cysts or follicles on the ovary sacs leading to eggs not releasing regularly. Therefore, it is crucial to get a doctor’s advice when it comes to PCOS and get an accurate diagnosis.

Symptoms of PCOS

PCOS is often undiagnosed for many women in India as many people are unaware of its symptoms and fail to get on-time treatment for them to properly manage it. Therefore, it is very important to take note of the following symptoms of PCOS:

Having Irregular Periods

Many women sufferings from PCOS have reported having irregular menstruation cycles. They may have less than 9 periods a year or they are having them 35 days apart on an irregular basis. They must consult their general physicians or gynaecologists.

Excess Male Hormones

Women may produce excess male hormones such as androgen which can result in them having hormonal imbalances and cause them to develop health conditions such as heart palpitation, anxiety, depression, etc.

Pain in Groin or Lower Abdomen Area

PCOS can cause women to feel pressure and sharp pain in their groin or lower abdomen area due to inflammation of the uterus.  

Gaining Weight

It has been observed that many women who are suffering from PCOS are overweight and have poor lifestyles.

Frequent Headaches

Due to hormone imbalance women suffering from PCOS can have frequent headaches.

Skin Darkening

PCOS can cause the skin to become darker in specific areas such as the groin, lower abdomen, neck, under the breasts, etc.

Oily Skin and Acne

Women can develop oily skin and acne issues on their neck, face, and chest if they suffer from PCOS.

Developing Crown Baldness

PCOS can cause many women to have hair loss and form crown baldness on the head.

Causes of PCOS

The following are the various causes of PCOS that you should be aware of:


PCOS can be caused by genetic factors or hereditary history. Some of the women are prone to PCOS as they have genetics that can contribute to it being developed in later stages of life.

Excess Androgen Production

PCOS can be caused by excess androgen or male hormones present in the women’s body leading to hormonal imbalances and eventually leading to the formation of immature eggs in the ovary sac. This can also cause them to develop acne, hair loss, and oily skin.

Inflammation of Inner Body System

Women with overweight issues and poor lifestyles are most prone to PCOS as they develop inner inflammation and fatty inner body parts.

Insulin Resistance

Women with low insulin absorption capacity were found to be more susceptible to developing PCOS in later stages of life as the body requires cells to absorb insulin to break down sugar or glucose in the food. This in turn also puts a load on the pancreas to produce excess insulin resulting in the release of male hormones and causing hormonal imbalance in the body.

PCOS Treatment

The cure for PCOS is still not found as such patient can only be given the following treatment to manage their symptoms:

  • Birth Control Pills
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Weight loss
  • Maintain a proper and healthy diet.
  • Lower Stress
  • Taking Vitamin supplements

Complications of PCOS

The following are the various complications of PCOS that you can get if you don’t get an on-time medical diagnosis and treatment:

  • Infertility
  • Risk of developing certain cancers (endometrial cancer)
  • Mental health issues
  • Chances of developing metabolic diseases.
  • Prediabetes or type 2 diabetes
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Liver inflammation


PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome causes hormonal imbalance in the woman’s body which leads to them to have irregular periods, heavy bleeding, acne, and risk of developing cancer. Therefore, it is always advised to immediately get diagnosis and treatment by consulting your general physician or gynaecologist to prevent developing further symptoms and health issues. Now, get an accurate and on-time diagnosis by visiting any of the Likhitha diagnostics centre across India and book your appointment at your convenience by directly calling the Likhitha’s toll-free helpline number 040 2400 0000 or visiting their website.

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