Finding a dream home in the IT hub of India is a tough job. It is natural to overlook the details during the walkthrough tour of the property. You are busy, have less time, and are overburdened with commitments. 


But missing the minute details can lead you into trouble in the future. Fortunately, we can help you evaluate the crucial matters at the real estate site. 


Explore our guide to a physical tour of the apartment for rent in Bangalore. Remember these tips to ensure you do not miss checking things at the destination. 


Physical Property Tour Checklist 


#1. Make Sure You are Visiting the Actual Property Unit 


Are you visiting the actual flat/apartment advertised for rent?


This is one of the crucial matters. Many property owners advertise enticing pictures online to lure tenants. However, during the physical visit, they might show you a similar flat making trivial excuses. You may get trapped in a scam. 


A property tour is inevitable to check everything at the location. It unveils the pitfalls that may help determine if you want to move in or look for alternatives. 


If the landlord does not show the actual apartment, consider other options to avoid problems. 


#2. Monitor the Condition and Strength of the Structures


This is easy to do as you see various parts of the house. Visit all the rooms, kitchen, vanity corner, bathrooms, etc. If there are damaged structures, ask the landlord to do the apartment maintenance work before proceeding with the legal agreement. 


#3. Inspect all Faucets, Sinks, and Electrical Fittings 


Herein is a list of things to check in all rooms, kitchen, and bathroom:


  • Is the sink drainage clear?
  • Are there any mouse poops under the sink?
  • Are the electrical switches and wires functional?
  • Is there any dripping sound under the sink?
  • Can you see cracked and chipped surfaces on the home premises? 


Additionally, it is vital to check the kitchen and bathroom faucets if there is adequate water pressure. 


#4. Check the Doors and Windows


See if the front door and windows have hinges and locks. There should be no sign of rotting on the wooden material (if any). Metal structures should be easy to operate without any chipped or rusting surfaces. 


#5. Evaluate the Security Systems 


Security is an integral factor to evaluate when renting a house. Check the locks and security cameras if these are working properly. You should never lease house until fully convinced of the existing security arrangements. 


#6. Watch Out for Pests


One of the factors overlooked during the rental property tour is pests. It can be onerous but check for small holes near the door/window frames. These places are generally dominated by ants and roaches. Make sure all water outlet drains are covered with gratings (jali). Such holes can invite rodents and snakes inside the house.  


Don’t forget to check the common premises, such as corridors, staircases, and elevator systems. Common areas are used by other residents or renters in the same apartment. If these places are left in unkempt condition, the junk can serve as the breeding ground for pests.


#7. Ensure there is No Bad Odor or Dampness on the Premises 


The foul smell and dampness indicated a poor ventilation system. Such rooms are unhealthy, especially for children and pets. 


Are there any stains of water on the ceiling? 


This is a sure sign of dampness and damage in the structure. Water can seep through the ceiling during rain. In worst cases, the roof may start shedding chunks of concrete soon. 


What About Virtual Property Tour?


A virtual tour facilitates the tenants to see the entire property premises in short video footage. According to a report by, property listings with a video clip got 87% more views than listings without videos. 


This is beneficial if you are considering a few options. If you don’t like the house during the virtual tour, it is easy to explore other options. However, a virtual tour does not eliminate the need for a physical walkthrough tour. 


However, there is no validity in the virtual tour. It is a recorded video that may not cover the minute details. You can discover the flaws once you are at the destination. 


Take a Guided Rental Property Tour 


Walk your way to the property tour with a dedicated tenancy manager from a reputed Bangalore rental property management company like SANGAU. An experienced person can help you through the strenuous tenancy agreement and other chores. Contact us for a tenancy management consultation.  


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