Welcome to Dessine Art, where classic wall décor elegance blends with the rich tapestry of Indian tradition. Our selection of Indian heritage wall plates honors customs, creativity, and workmanship that have graced Indian households for ages. Immerse in the beauty of our meticulously selected collection; each piece has a tale that is just waiting to be revealed on the walls.

An expedition through time

Classic craftsmanship 

Our Indian heritage wall plates are expertly made, paying tribute to the traditional skills that have been handed down through the ages. Every plate narrates a tale of artistry, customs, and the hands that created it.

Traditional techniques 

We combine old methods with a contemporary style to create wall plates that retain the genuineness of Indian artwork while blending well with modern settings. It's a historical voyage where tradition and modernity collide.

Various cultural influences 

Our wall plates are a reflection of the richness of India's varied civilizations, which are a melting pot. Each plate captures the essence of a particular location, from Mughal gardens to mandalas and whatnot, creating a tale of India's cultural diversity.


We bring a touch of heritage into every home

These plates are more than just décor—they're a link to India's rich cultural past, whether you're using them to create a gallery wall or add an eye-catching focal point to your space. Moreover, Dessine Art is committed to providing lasting quality in addition to art. Because our wall plates are made of high-quality materials, they will last for many years and have a classic appearance on your walls.

Explore our assortment at DessineArt and bring a piece of India's artistic heritage home with you. Let the timeless beauty of Indian history vibrate through your walls, and let each wall plate tell a narrative.

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