Aptus.AI has achieved a significant milestone by successfully concluding a pre-Series A funding round, securing a substantial €3 million. The primary investor in this round is Programma 103 by VC P101, marking its entry into Aptus.AI's share capital. This funding is poised to drive Aptus.AI's mission of transforming compliance activities into powerful tools for generating business opportunities, initially focusing on the banking and insurance sectors.

Aptus.AI, an emerging player in the RegTech market, seeks to redefine how large organizations, particularly banks and insurance companies, manage the overwhelming volume of legal documents. Co-founders Andrea and Lorenzo, with their background in Computer Science and Generative AI at the University of Pisa, have developed innovative AI technologies to shift the paradigm of compliance and risk management, turning them into strategic assets.

Major banking and insurance institutions have shown keen interest in Aptus.AI due to its high-level AI technologies. Giuseppe Donvito, Partner of P101, expresses excitement about collaborating with Aptus.AI and emphasizes the trust placed in the team. The dynamic RegTech market's rapid expansion has attracted significant interest from major institutions, indicating the strong potential for Aptus.AI to establish leadership in compliance and risk management.

The pre-Series A funding round, led by Programma 103 of VC P101, received additional support from business angels and the fintech accelerator of CDP Venture Capital. The involvement of these key players underscores confidence in Aptus.AI's potential to revolutionize the RegTech field. Andrea Tesei, co-founder and CEO of Aptus.AI, takes pride in having P101 as a significant investor and recognizes the crucial role played by the fintech accelerator of CDP Venture Capital in the company's growth.

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