According to Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, “Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is a no-code software that helps organizations integrate with other enterprise applications, tools, and websites and guides users to monitor critical tasks and gather informative insights by utilizing walkthroughs, tooltips, pop-ups, self-help menus, and videos. The platform typically performs functions such as in-app guidance, analytics, automation, and governance to deliver a personalized experience across multiple applications.

DAP vendors are strengthening their industry-specific expertise in understanding the industry's unique business challenges and regulatory landscape and bundle their industry-specific DAP solution portfolio. This is expected to help vendors gain increased visibility and attention amongst the digital adoption market for the specific industry verticals. Likewise, some vendors are concentrating on offering pure-play DAP that improve employee and customer experiences, while others provide product insight DAP that generate end-user adoption insights or content management DAP to enable employees to accomplish more independently.

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Key questions this study will answer:

  • Is the Digital adoption platforms (DAP) market growing? What are short-term and long-term growth potential of Digital adoption platforms (DAP) market?
  • What are the key market accelerators and market restraints impacting global Digital adoption platforms (DAP) market?
  • What are the major end-user industries of Digital adoption platforms (DAP) solution?
  • Which industries offers maximum growth opportunities during the forecast period?
  • Which global region offer maximum growth opportunities in the Digital adoption platforms (DAP) market?
  • Which customer segments has the maximum adoption of Digital adoption platforms (DAP)?
  • What are the various deployment options of Digital adoption platforms (DAP)?

Vendors covered in this study:

Appcues, AppLearn, Apty, AppNavi, Chameleon, InsideBoard, Lemon Learning, MyGuide by EdCast, Newired, OnScreen, Pendo, Spekit, Toonimo, tts GmbH, Userlane, WalkMe, Whatfix, and Ziplyne.

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