An investment property owner who aspires to offer his apartment for rent in Bangalore should know the possible situations that may emerge with time. You have done everything for property management, have the best-in-class finance management system, and a lawyer to handle the legal paperwork. 


What about tenant management?


Keeping your tenants satisfied and happy is the secret to success with income property. Among other things, dealing with tenant complaints is often complicated, involving a lot of work. 


Fortunately, it is possible to do this yourself. Here are a few common problems tenants may have and ways to deal with them.  


Complaint 1: Repair and Maintenance Issues


Damages may happen at any time, so rental properties are no exception. A tenant has limited rights to conduct repair work at the rental home. This is one reason; landlords receive several complaints about damages and request repair/restoration work. 


Solution: Schedule a Repair/Maintenance Work   


A lease agreement should clearly state the terms and procedures for raising a maintenance request. To ease things for the tenants, the rental property management in Bangalore allows the occupants to submit a maintenance request by filling up a form online. Upon receiving the request, talk to the occupants and fix a suitable date for the much-needed maintenance work. 


Complaint 2: Excessive Noise in the Neighbourhood


Noisy neighbours can create a lot of trouble for renters. From spoiling the entire day to affecting peaceful sleep at night, loud sounds can be disturbing for the inmates of the house in many ways. The dwellers can encounter various noisy neighbour issues ranging from shouting children to loud music. 


Solution: Take Appropriate Measures   


As an initial step, you may talk to the neighbours peacefully about the problem. If another tenant is responsible for the problem, it is easy to give a warning. 


If the rental property is located in a noisy area such as a market or high-traffic road, consider doing soundproofing in the rooms to eliminate such problems. 


Complaint 3: There are Pests in the House


Rodents, cockroaches, ants, flies, and mosquitos can pose severe health risks for your tenants. It is justified on their part to complain about these things. 


Solution: Conduct Pest Control Treatment at the Earliest  


Most landlords do pest control treatment as a preventive measure before the tenants move in. However, the problems may persist. If so, you may contact a certified pest exterminator. These professionals possess expertise in removing pests from the house and preventing further infestations. 


Complaint 4: Landlord Not Responding to Communications 


An occupant in a rented house may need support anytime. Whether a damage issue or problems with neighbours, they expect to find help from the landlord or their property manager. 


When the property owner or the manager does not take calls or reply to emails, they can feel anxious and helpless. It can be a blocker in your relationship with a potential tenant.  


Solution: Be Prompt in Replying to Calls and Mails from Tenants  


Be available to a tenant via phone call, messenger app, or email. Responding to communication at the earliest helps win the trust of the renters. Listen to their complaints patiently and offer help in the best possible way. 


Communication gap is often a problem when the owners of the flat/apartment in big cities are settled overseas. If this is your problem, it is worth seeking help from a reliable company offering NRI property management in Bangalore.  


Complaint 5: Property is not Clean Enough for Move-in 


No one likes to move into a rented house that was left dirty by the previous occupant. It can be a disappointment for a tenant to see everything messed up on the date of arrival at the new home.  


Solution: Clean the Property After a Tenant Vacates the House 


It is the responsibility of the landlord to do thorough cleaning and maintenance work before a new tenant arrives with the belongings. If you have received a complaint, it is necessary to do the essential work to ease things for the dwellers. 


Complaint 6: Pets and Stray Animals on the Premises 


Some pet complaints are urgent and must be considered an emergency. This may include:


  • An animal causing harm to other residents in the apartment/neighbours
  • An exotic breed 
  • A dangerous breed
  • An illegal animal 


However, renters may also complain about sounds, faeces and urine of animals in their premises, common areas, etc. 


Solution: Look into the Matters at the Earliest  


Attend the emergency matters at the earliest to ensure your tenant’s safety. Even if the pet is not harmful, the other problems are significant to be addressed as early as possible (within a week). 


  • Ask the owner to remove the dangerous species
  • Give a warning at the first instance
  • Charge a fine if problems persist
  • Issue an eviction notice if no other alternative 


Complaint 7: Smoke and Bad Odours 


This is a problem for tenants and homeowners alike. A smoking neighbour can make life miserable. Similarly, the foul smell liberated from the drains and plumbing is annoying and unhealthy.  


Solution: Inspect and Resolve   


Ask the neighbour to avoid smoking near your property. If the problem persists even after the mutual conversation, you may send a legal notice to deal with the matter. For bad smells, you may hire a reliable plumber to clean the drainage outlets, sink pipes, or other attachments to sort out the issues. 


Do you need help in dealing with tenant complaints?


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