Delta Airlines Name Change Policy If you are booking an air ticket It is important to input your information correctly and verify for errors to avoid hassle. You don't wish for the airline authorities to deny you entry because of small spelling errors in the name. Numerous airlines do not permit changes to names made after booking. However, if you are traveling on Delta Airlines, they allow you to make minor changes in your name or corrections such as resolving mistakes in typography or legally authorized name changes in order to determine that the name you have entered matches with that of the passport you have and an authentic photo identification. So, it's recommended to go over the Delta name change policy prior to booking your ticket.

Remember that airlines will accept minor modifications in the event of confirmed reservations for a cost that does not go to changing or transferring the ticket's name from one traveler to an additional. In accordance with the Fly-Rights of the Depart of Transportation, your flight ticket should have exactly the same name and number as that mentioned in the Government issued photo identification or passport. Do not worry! If you are just married or have been recently married, you can keep the marriage certificate to prove evidence of your name change. In any case it is, you can get the change name on delta ticket in the event that you meet these requirements:

  • It has to be a Delta airlines-operated flight. the inventory of tickets beginning with 06.
  • The Airline will handle changes to the name on a ticket only when the flight belongs in the segment codeshare, or is an interline flight.
  • To correct names, Delta Airlines will issue only one ticket per ticket.
  • In addition to name changes or corrections Apart from name change or correction, you can ask for no further modifications, such as flight date change or cost class modification or altering the destination or origin point.
  • When booking, in the event that a mistake is made in or around the date that you were born or the name or name, the Delta accepts minor changes, however, any changes in gender are strictly no.
  • Delta Airlines does not authorize any further changes after the request for name changes is already in progress. In this situation it is necessary to submit a request for new tickets to the airline.

Delta Airlines Name Correction: Its Methods!

The different bookings may have distinct rates and regulations. Thus, the name of your ticket alteration or correction is permitted only when the applicable rules for your reservation, impose sanctions on it. This is the procedure you can modify the wrong name:


Online Method


You can visit Delta Airlines the official website to start the process of changing your name.

  • Check out your 'My Trips Section and then fill in your 6 digit reservation reference number. Then, you can enter your 13-digit ticket number along with your name.
  • When the corrections tab for names is displayed, simply click it and enter the correct name. Remember that your ticket's name should match that of the government ID and passport.
  • After completion, select the "confirm and save" option to enable the correction request.
  • After that, the checkout screen will be displayed, and you will have to pay the fee for name changes and the appropriate fare differential amount. The newly issued ticket could be in the identical class or even a lesser class.
  • Then after that, you will be sent a confirmation email via your registered email address to confirm the name change.

helpline Number


Another way to start the Delta name change process is by calling the helpdesk. If you find an error in your name once the ticket is issued, you should reach out to the reservation officials for Delta Airlines, discuss with them about your concerns and then act in accordance with the rules that they have provided.


Delta Airlines Name Change Demand: What information do you have to be aware of?

Delta Airlines allow name correction as well as alteration with a charge of USD 125 when you make the request within the first 24 hours after flight making the booking. If you delay, additional costs of USD $ 275 may be applicable. The following are instances where the Airlines will consider your request:

  • You can modify your middle, first or last name, alter your name to a legally legal name, or even add a new last name, gender, DOB and changes must be in line with the government ID or passport.
  • If you want to create an official name as a result of marriage, divorce, or adoption, then the name change waiver code that is linked with OSI Delta Airlines will apply.
  • If you need to include a middle name to your flight ticket, the authorities responsible for booking will make a new PNR which you have to rebook the flight in the new slot.

Do you have any concerns about your fears about the Delta name changing procedure? Call the Delta Airlines hotline number immediately!

Different scenarios to Change Names/Correction

To make a name correction or change You must follow the appropriate steps according to the circumstances. In the case of a passenger, for instance, they may require knowledge of how to alter their name and another may require a change to their last name. In this way it is important to be conscious of any situation and take action according to the situation. In addition the best thing to do is implement the needed changes swiftly by following the policy of correction to names for airlines.

Delta Airlines understands how difficult it is for customers to identify that their name is not correct on their ticket. In order to facilitate its convenience, they offer an easy-to-understand procedure for name changing policy. Be sure to follow all the directions to have a hassle-free journey.


Correction to the Middle and First Names

It is possible to rectify the mistakes in your middle or the first names any time you like. If the person wants to change their name then the travel agent will aid the passenger in rectifying the name and will issue the ticket again without any waiver codes. The agent will be sure to inform the customer about the steps to follow:

  • Verify the PNR to ensure that your name is the correct spelling.
  • Incorporate the OSI message on the PNR. The message will confirm that the name correction was made.
  • In exchange for the same, an airline will issue an airline ticket. This simply means it is not possible to change your flight or dates.
  • Keep in mind that no waiver code is needed.
  • Modifications to the surname of the passenger

The changes to the name are straightforward to change according to Delta Airlines name change the customer will get a Delta Flight Ticket with no waiver code. Important information that is required to be aware of

  • Delta Airlines allows only three characters in the last name that can change. If you require correction of over three characters, call global sales support for immediate assistance.
  • After that, the travel agent will perform the same procedures in the same manner as in the middle and first name correction policy.
  • The one distinction will occur in OSI. OSI message.

Additional Information to the Last Name

Delta Airlines passengers are even allowed to include a name in their names without having to change their surnames. We'll review the most important rules.

  • One example is Kennedy/John can be transformed by changing it to Smith Kennedy/John.
  • The Delta Airlines travel agent will be able to add the OSI message once they have checked that the traveler's name is in the PNR.
  • A new ticket will be issued another time. Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy
  • Keep in your mind that you will have no option to make other modifications to the flight ticket.

First and Last Name is included on the ticket

Did you misspell the spellings of your first and last name? As per Delta Airlines Name Change or Correction Policy the airline can simply reverse the spelling. Learn more about the policy below for more information about this circumstance.

  • In this case, for instance Kennedy/John should be pronounced SMITH/John.
  • The agent will change these names following the exact procedure.
  • The OSI message will be distinct.

FAQs about Delta Airline Ticket Name Change Policy


Q1.Can I fly even if my Name is spelled incorrectly for The Delta Airline?

No! If you typed in the incorrect name when making a reservation, you have to correct the error immediately. If you don't rectify the mistake then it is likely that you will not be permitted to travel on the planned flight. In order to ensure that your flight is smooth with your airline, you should try to change the name promptly.


Q2. What can rectify my personal information in the back of my Delta Airline flight ticket?

Delta Airlines offers several options to rectify an incorrect name on the flight ticket. It is possible to go to Delta Airlines' official Delta Airlines site, or visit the terminal kiosk or call to speak with a Delta representative. The methods listed above for changing or correcting your name are straightforward to use. In addition, after you've successfully completed all the steps required then the travel agency will promptly begin the procedure of correction for your name.


Q3. Do Delta Airlines permit a middle name on a flight ticket?

It is not mandatory to add your middle name in the booking since the airline profile will have all the information needed. It will have no difference whether you choose to not put your middle name on your ticket.

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