Scheduling a property tour of your luxury house for rent in Bangalore for prospective tenants? 

The event can be fretful for you if the house is not in good condition. Peeling walls, chipped kitchen tiles, and poor fixtures may gross out the visitor. It only means losing a potential renter to another property owner in the city. 


Every penny spent on remodelling a rental home is a worthy investment. Needless to go over budget for this. Luckily, there are several low-cost renovation options to bolster the vibes to create an impression on your next tenant. 


Herein are our best tips to cut costs when renovating your rental property. 


#1. Interior Painting


Tenants are highly concerned about the internal walls of the house. Painting your rental apartment is an investment. Besides the mood-lifting ambience, it strengthens the wall structure and prevents damage due to weather impact. 


There is a painting solution for various price ranges. A coat of distemper paint is sufficient If a tenant is leasing the house for a short time (6-11 months). An elementary project costs Rs.10/sqft. However, this is not a long-term painting option. Investing in emulsion paints is your best bet to protect your walls from moisture, fungus, and peeling. 


#2. A Basic Modular Kitchen 


A simple kitchen project can cost around Rs. 1200-1500 per square foot. However, if you already have wall tiles, marble flooring, and granite countertops no need to do much with the renovations. Only the painting job is sufficient to get the kitchenette ready for the new occupants. However, the costs can surge if there are problems in the plumbing, sink, and other areas. 


#3. Bathroom Renovation on a Budget


Bathroom restoration takes up a bulk share of capital in the apartment maintenance project. Before you even proceed, think if it is necessary. If the wall tiles and flooring are in good condition, you may hardly need to change anything.


Here is a checklist to ensure you get the bare essentials ready:


  • A fresh coat of paint on the ceiling is mandatory before the new occupants move in. 
  • Install a storage space for toiletry products and other necessities. Investing in chintzy storage units is an alternative to constructing a shower niche. 
  • Check the faucets, bathtub, and cistern if everything is functional. If not, replace the faulty fixtures to avoid hitches during the property tour.


#4. Vitrified Flooring  


Traditional homes with concrete or red-oxide flooring are prone to damage. Such homes look uninviting to the millennials and generation Z. 


If you need a suitable option to renovate a damaged floor, installing vitrified tiles is your best bet. Vitrified tiles are affordable and beautiful pieces for supreme durability. 


For intact floor structures, you can install laminates to accentuate the aesthetic appeal. Marble surfaces may lose their sheen over time. If this is your problem, it is wise to do polishing to refresh the look and feel. 


#5. Veranda/Balcony  


When a tenant reaches your property, the outdoor premises grab the attention. If a house looks dull outside, the visitor has hardly any excitement to enter the house. While exterior painting is a wise investment decision, you can do much with the balcony makeover. 


For instance, a rattan patio set in a fully furnished house for rent in Bangalore can mesmerize the visitor and influence the renting decision. 


An exquisite, vibrant colour theme is the best feature to redefine the environs in your veranda when you are on a budget. 


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