In FIFA 22, they tested it... in FIFA 23, it's one of cheap FIFA 23 Coins the biggest features: for the first time in the history of the franchise, a cross-platform feature is supported in various modes. Finally! You really couldn't play with your friends for decades if one was on PlayStation and the other on Xbox.
It is finally possible to play games together on different consoles. But not every platform can be connected with each other... We've got all the info on how to enable and disable crossplay and which platforms can play together using the cross-platform feature.
The major question is which platforms can be connected via crossplay in FIFA 23? There is a simple, but kinda sad answer and explanation. Only next-gen consoles and PC players can play with each other – "old" consoles have to stay among themselves.
The differences in technology between current- and next-gen is simply too big. Hypermotion 2 is only available for the new consoles and PCs. Here you have a short overview on which game modes and platforms actually support crossplay in FIFA 23.
You can enable and disable crossplay in FIFA 23. If you simply don't want to play against people from a different platform, you can deactivate crossplay. To FUT 23 Coins do this, you have to press the R2 or RT Button in the main menu to bring up the crossplay menu. Now, you can enable or disable crossplay.
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