If you enjoy spending your weekends waxing and polishing your cars, then have at it. But if you’d rather be driving your vehicles and taking them to fun destinations, then consider ceramic wax for cars. You’ll get the sheen and the shine you desire along with added protection for the finish. In the tristate area, find the experts in hybrid ceramic wax, ceramic carnauba wax and Griots ceramic wax at Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center...  more
Ceramic Car Wax Jersey City, NJ | Ceramic Wax Coating in New Jersey
Choose Ceramic Wax for a brilliant finish! Waxman in the tristate offers hybrid, carnauba, and Griots ceramic wax expertise. Call today!
Visit Waxman of Tri-State for the ultimate vehicle care
January 29 2025 09:00 AM - May 28 2026 06:00 AM
Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center
1505 John F. Kennedy Blvd, New Jersey, 07305, United States
Waxman of Tristate Car Detailing Center 1505 John F. Kennedy Blvd Jersey City, NJ 07305 (551) 325-2020 Working...
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