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Business consulting NYC
Accounting can serve as a platform that gives you access to a small business consultant in NYC or Queens who understands your financial position — and your desire to maintain and improve that wealth. That’s why real estate investors, successful entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and savvy investors in the Manhattan and New York City metropolitan areas rely on expert business consulting services they receive from a personal CPA at Miller & Company.
An accountant who specializes...  more
Qualified domestic trust
If you, a U.S. citizen, marry a non-citizen, the federal government taxes your estate as soon as you pass, leaving your spouse with a lot less to live on. One of the ways to provide for your non-citizen spouse is to set up a qualified domestic trust or QDOT instead of a regular trust.

When the time comes to write your will, you have the right and the ability, as a U.S. citizen, to leave your spouse your entire estate upon your death. If your e...  more
Qualified Domestic Trust (QDOT) · Top CPA, Manhattan, Queens | Miller & Company LLP
2022 New York Best CPA Firm. Qualified Domestic Trust QDOT, Top 100 accounting & business consulting. 25yrs Accountant NYC · ☎ 646-865-1444...
Miller & Company LLP Long Island, NY 1129 Northern Blvd Ste 438, Manhasset, NY 11030 (516)...
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