Testimonial for Oil Painting Restoration Salt Lake City by Anthony Christensen Fine Art and Antiques

Anthony Christensen Fine Art and Antiques ( https://www.AnthonysFineArt.com ) is possibly the most amazing art gallery you will ever see. Their gorgeous paintings and antiques are crammed into 4 floors of the large beaux arts bank building... Click on SHOW MORE

A visit to the galleries is time well spent as educational, entertainment and even inspiring... even if you don't buy anything! The innumerable items for sale are of high quality and many are historically important. Many great collectors, museums, historical organizations, corporations with significant and important valuable collections have been guided and consulted with Anthony Christensen, his son, Dr. Micah Christensen and Brett Lavitre. Fine Art Conservation Laboratories considers one of our greatest pleasures to contribute our technical art conservation skills and knowledge along with our connoisseurship to be part of this team that serves so many so well.

Let us also serve you and answer your questions like the ones listed below! You don't need to have world class or priceless art to call us. We love your heirloom paintings and ancestor's portraits too. #ArtRestorationSaltLakeCity, #ScottHaskins, #FineArtConservationLaboratories, #AnthonyChristensenFineArtAndAntiques, #PaintingRestorationNearMe

Call us with your art conservation/restoration/maintenance questions: Scott M. Haskins, Virginia Panizzon Art Conservators 805 564 3438 faclofficemanager@gmail.com
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