Raise your hands, if you seriously adore plush toys. In that case, you might be familiar with Jellycat Singapore, which has fans all around the world and is simply loved for its diverse collection of soft plush animals. From whimsical bunnies to cuddly bears to witty kittens, Jellycat offers different designs that will grab everyone's attention. 

Recently, we have witnessed a rush of fans on the all-time favorite Jellycat plushie at Lovingly Signed, making it the most adored soft toy in the world. In this blog we will delve into a 5 delightful variety of Jellycat bunnies offered by Lovingly Signed, and why they make an iconic gift choice in the world of soft toys. 

What is So Special About Jellycat Bunnies?

The allure of Jellycat Bunny is beyond its plush exterior, casting a spell of happiness and comfort on both children and adults. It is no secret why Jellycat Bunnies are irresistible and cherished friends. Jellycat Bunny is known for its luxurious softness and smooth fur which gives a comforting sensation to kids. Also, its adorable designs and beautiful features have made it a lovely character, ruling the hearts of everyone.  From Bashful to Amuseable to Vintage-inspired themes, the bunny takes on different personalities, each one having its charm. All these factors make it a cherished and timeless companion for those who simply adore its existence.

Lovingly Signed:

Lovingly Signed is a one-stop shop to buy all your kid's needs. The store is known for selling authentic Jellycat Singapore with endless options for personalization and customization, making your gift a thoughtful choice for every new parent. What we adore about this store is that it lets you create you're gift hamper according to your needs. With this option, you can either buy a Jellycat plushie alone or pair it up with other baby essentials to make a wholesome treat for the new parents. The best part is that you can personalize nearly every aspect of your favorite plushie. From embroidering your baby's name to adding a lovely note, Lovingly Signed knows all the secrets to making a heartwarming gift for your loved ones. So, visit their website and grab a Jellycat soft toy for your baby today!

Exploring the Jellycat Bunny Collection in Singapore:

This section enlists some of the charming Jellycat Bunny collection, and what makes them a meaningful gift for any occasion.


Are you an adult looking for a companion of yourself?  If yes, then the JELLYCAT LARGE BASHFUL BUNNY (MULTIPLE COLOUR OPTIONS) is the perfect choice for you. Its large size is meant for a better cuddling experience. Available in different colors, you can personalize it by choosing its thread color and writing a lovely note for your loved ones. Its charm lies in its classic design featuring big floppy ears, a soft exterior, and a cuddly nature.  


Another best-selling collection is JELLYCAT HUGE BASHFUL BUNNY (MULTIPLE COLOUR OPTIONS) which takes playtime to a whole new level. Available in different sizes, colors, and styles, this bunny is known for its cuddly nature. Its comforting presence makes it a perfect companion to hang with. From baby showers to birthdays, JELLYCAT HUGE BASHFUL BUNNY brings immense joy to new parents.


The Blossom Bunny Collection features PERSONALISED BLOSSOM BEA BEIGE BUNNY which is a unique blend of cuteness with floral embellishments. This adorable Jellycat bunny features embroidery of floral patterns on ears and paws and comes in earthy or neutral tones, creating a subtle yet charming vibe. If you are looking for a unisex baby gift, then this color is the right option for you.


The Celestial-themed bunny collection features PERSONALISED STARDUST BUNNY – NAVY, giving cosmos vibes. Its sophisticated design features floppy ears with twinkling stars, a soft huggable body, and a navy fur. This bunny is the superhero of your little one's dreams and a perfect companion to snuggle under starry nights.


The Amuseable Bunny Collection features PERSONALISED JELLYCAT BUNNY – LILAC which is an epitome of cuteness and charm. These bunnies are not just known for their snuggly body; rather they are quirky and playful. Their amusing facial expressions spread smiles and joy no matter where they go. With an added touch of personalization, you can simply turn an ordinary gift into a cherished keepsake.


In conclusion, Lovingly Signed is an enchanting world of Jellycat Singapore; featuring an array of collections that adhere to the preferences of everyone. From classic Jellycat Bashful Bunnies to Personalised Huge Bashful Bunny, there is a companion to grab your attention. So, visit Lovingly Signed today, and experience the allure of diverse Jellycat plushies.

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