Akshya Tritiya and Kubera

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With Akshaya Tritiya falling on 3rd May this year, it is the perfect time to know something about Kubera. Worshipping Kubera, the god of wealth on Akshaya Tritiya is a common practice.

On this day people worship Lakshmi, the goddess for wealth and the wife of Lord Vishnu and then worship Kubera.

We have also given an important prayer song of Kubera, the Kubera Ashtottara Shatanamavali. Chant this powerful prayer on Akshaya Tritiya and receive maximum benefits.

Know about Kubera

Lord Kubera is the "treasurer of the gods". Lord Shiva gave him the responsibility of allocating, guarding and maintaining the treasures of the world. Kubera was born to Visharva and Iladevi and the demon king Ravana, Kumbhkaran and Vibhisna are his step brothers.

People generally worship Kubera along with Lakshmi as he too blesses a person with wealth and luxury. He assists goddess Lakshmi as the Custodian of Divine treasure. Kubera is the King of Yakshas, a divine race.

Kubera performed sincere penance towards Lord Shiva and received the boon to be one of the Ashta Dikgajas, the eight elephants guarding eight directions. He is the lord of the Northern direction.

Kubera Ashtottara Shatanamavali

Kubera Ashtottara Shatanamavali is a popular stotram chanted to invoke Kubera. It consists of 108 names of Kubera that praise his characteristics and features. Chanting this Ashtottara and Thursdays and during Kubera pooja will please Kubera and bestow his blessings upon you.

It is ideal to chant the Kubera ashtottara satanaamaavali on Thursdays and during Kubera pooja.

  1. Om Kuberaya Namaha
  2. Om Dhanadaya Namaha
  3. Om Srimate Namaha
  4. Om Yakshesaya Namaha
  5. Om Gugyakeswaraya Namaha
  6. Om Nidhisiya Namaha
  7. Om Sankara Sakaya Namaha
  8. Om Mahalakshmi Nivasabhuve Namaha
  9. Om Maha Padma Nidhisiya Namaha
  10. Om Poornaya Namaha
  11. Om Padmanithiswaraya Namaha
  12. Om Sankaya Nithi Nadha Namaha
  13. Om Makaragya Nithi Priya Namaha
  14. Om Sookachhappa Nidhisaya Namaha
  15. Om Mukunda Nithi Nayakaya Namaha
  16. Om Kundakyanidhinathya Namaha
  17. Om Neela Nithyadipaya Namaha
  18. Om Mahathe Namaha
  19. Om Varanithyadhi Paya Namaha
  20. Om Poojyaya Namaha
  21. Om Lakshmi Samrajya Dayakya Namaha
  22. Om Ilapilapadayaya Namaha
  23. Om Kosadeesaya Namaha
  24. Om Kulodisaya Namaha
  25. Om Ashvarudaya Namaha
  26. Om Vishvaranthyaya Namaha
  27. Om Visheshagnaya Namaha
  28. Om Visharadaya Namaha
  29. Om Nalakooparanadaya Namaha
  30. Om Manigreeva Pithre Namaha
  31. Om Kootamandraya Namaha
  32. Om Vaishravanaya Namaha
  33. Om Chitra Laka Manapriyaya Namaha
  34. Om Eykapinkaya Namaha
  35. Om Alaka deeyascye Namaha
  36. Om Boulasathya Namaha
  37. Om Naravahanya Namaha
  38. Om Kailasa Saila Nilaya Namaha
  39. Om Rajya daya Namaha
  40. Om Ravanakrajaya Namaha
  41. Om Chithra Chaithra Radaya Namaha
  42. Om Udhyana Vihara Namaha
  43. Om Suguthunalaya Namaha
  44. Om Mahot Sahaya Namaha
  45. Om Mahapragyaya Namaha
  46. Om Sadhpushpaka Vahanaya Namaha
  47. Om Sarvaboumaya Namaha
  48. Om Anganathya Namaha
  49. Om Somaya Namaha
  50. Om Sowmyadikeswaraya Namaha
  51. Om Punyathmane Namaha
  52. Om Puruhuthasriyai Namaha
  53. Om Sarvapunya Janeswaraya Namaha
  54. Om Nithya Kurthaye Namaha
  55. Om Needhivetra Namaha
  56. Om Lankaprakthana Nayakaya Namaha
  57. Om Yakshaya Namaha
  58. Om Paramasanthathmana Namaha
  59. Om Yaksharaje Namaha
  60. Om Yakshaniviruthaya Namaha
  61. Om Kinnaresaya Namaha
  62. Om Kimpurushaya Namaha
  63. Om Nathaya Namaha
  64. Om Katkayuthaya Namaha
  65. Om Vasine Namaha
  66. Om Esana Dakshaparch Vasthaya Namaha
  67. Om Vayuvasamasaraja Namaha
  68. Om Dharmamargainirathya Namaha
  69. Om Dharmasammuka Samstitiya Namaha
  70. Om Nitheswaraya Namaha
  71. Om Dhanakasyaya Namaha
  72. Om Ashtalakshmi Yastrithalaya Namaha
  73. Om Manushyadharmaya Namaha
  74. Om Sathviruthaya Namaha
  75. Om Koslakshmi Samasrithaya Namaha
  76. Om Dhanalakshmi Nithyavasaya Namaha
  77. Om Danyalakshmi Nivasabhuve Namaha
  78. Om Ashwalakshmi Sadahavasya Namaha
  79. Om Gaja Lakshmi Striyalaya Namaha
  80. Om Rajayalakshmi Janmakeyaya Namaha
  81. Om Dairya Lakshmi Kirupsaraya Namaha
  82. Om Akandaishwarya Samynkthaya Namaha
  83. Om Nithya Nandhaya Namaha
  84. Om Sukasrayaya Namaha
  85. Om Nithyathrupthaya Namaha
  86. Om Nirasaya Namaha
  87. Om Nirupathravaya Namaha
  88. Om Nityakamaya Namaha
  89. Om Nirukankshyaya Namaha
  90. Om Niurpathigavasabhuve Namaha
  91. Om Shanthya Namaha
  92. Om Sarvogunobedaya Namaha
  93. Om Sarvagnaya Namaha
  94. Om Sarasammadhaya Namaha
  95. Om Sarvanikarunapathraya Namaha
  96. Om Sadhanandha Krupalaya Namaha
  97. Om Gandharvakulasamsevyaya Namaha
  98. Om Sowgangdikusamapriyaya Namaha
  99. Om Swrnanagarivasaya Namaha
  100. Om Nithipeeta Samasrayaya Namaha
  101. Om Mahamerudhvasthayene Namaha
  102. Om Dhustyaya Namaha
  103. Om Surpanakajeshtaya Namaha
  104. Om Sivapoojarathaya Namaha
  105. Om Rajayoga Samaukuthya Namaha
  106. Om Rajasekera Poojakaya Namaha
  107. Om Raja Rajaya Namaha
  108. Om Namanidha Parimala Pushpani Samarpayani