Application of biomass boiler as well as timber pellet gas<br>

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Under the stress of environmental management and also energy crisis, several countries has executed plans to cut emission and also promote brand-new p

Under the stress of environmental management and also energy crisis, several countries has executed plans to cut emission and also promote brand-new power. Under this condition, more and more coal-fired central heating boilers have actually been replaced by, or updated right into biomass central heating boiler

Traditional coal-fired central heating boilers release a great deal of black smoke and sulfur gas. Several of them are not furnished with desulfurizer. They will certainly contaminate the bordering areas. To replace them with gas and also electrical energy needs excessive efforts as well as cost, a lot of coal-fired boiler owner use biomass fuel to change coal. Thinking about most coal-fired central heating boilers are unfit for biomass fuel, there are customized biomass fuel burning gadgets to address this issue. They are developed based upon the features of biomass fuel and decrease the pollutant exhaust.

Different sorts of biomass pellet boiler

Biomass boiler takes on biomass energy, generally biomass pellets, as gas. According to various power media, they can be classified right into biomass vapor boiler, biomass hot water boiler, biomass hot blast oven, biomass thermal oil heating system.

According to their purpose, biomass boilers can be categorized right into biomass thermal central heating boiler as well as biomass electric power boiler They both create power by shedding biomass fuels. Biomass thermal central heating boiler use thermal power, while biomass electric power boiler turn the thermal energy right into electrical power. Biomass thermal central heating boiler is still the most prominent type, whose modern technology is fully grown.

According to the scale, biomass thermal central heating boiler can be categorized into 2 types.

Little biomass boiler

These boilers makes use of strong or gasified biomass gas They generate heat in the form of hot water. Small biomass central heating boiler features tiny quantity, straightforward framework, low price, but it has reduced energy conversion performance and reduced power supply. Little biomass boiler is mostly for house heating in backwoods as well as hot water supply.

Large biomass boiler.

These kind of biomass boiler use strong biomass fuel and offer hot water or heavy steam. The technology is mature, the power supply is high, as well as the energy loss is low. But some biomass central heating boiler has gas cocking owing to inadequate burning, as well as the assistance facility is not ideal.

Basic material for biomass central heating boiler.

Biomass boiler has wide resource of basic materials. All photosynthetic plants can be made use of as raw materials, consisting of sawdust, timber chips, rice husk, sunflower seed shell, sorghum stalk, corn stalk, bean stalk, etc. By high-heat and high-pressure handling in the molding devices, these biomass products are formed right into columnar biomass gas. chicken manure pelletizer are fed right into biomass boilers to generate warmth.

Two common biomass gas.

Generally, biomass molding gas has 2 types-- biomass briquettes as well as wood pellet fuel. The size of biomass briquettes is greater than 15cm, the diameter is 30-40mm. They are made by biomass briquette press. Timber pellets is 6-8mm in diameter. They are made by timber pellet mill. Timber pellet fuels progressively replace biomass briquettes owing to high density, broad application and also convenient using. They burns a lot more adequately than biomass briquettes.

Biomass pellet fuel has fiber web content of 70%. The sulfur web content is much less than coal High density makes it hassle-free to store as well as transportation. It can be used in various tools. Biomass pellets burns completely, with less smoke and ash web content, and also the burning speed is 11% greater than coal.

Advantages of timber pellet gas over coal.

Low carbon content: biomass fuels has at a lot of 50% carbon content, so the heat value is lower than coal.

High hydrogen material: biomass fuels has even more volatiles, so they are simpler to burn. The carbon and hydrogen are incorporated into reduced molecular hydrocarbon, which will certainly separate out volatiles at high temperature.

High oxygen web content: biomass gas has more oxygen web content than coal, so the warm value is low.

Low density: the density of biomass gas is lower than coal. Loosen appearance makes it much easier to wear out. The residual carbon is lower than coal ash.

Reduced sulfur web content: the sulfur content in biomass gas are less than 0.12%. You don't need to install desulfurizer gadget.

Low carbon exhaust: biomass gas is carbon-neutral, in other words, absolutely no carbon emission

Waste recycle: the adoption of biomass fuel can make full use of wastes, and also eliminate their damages to atmosphere. Besides, the residual ash after melting can be made use of to create plant food.

Combined shooting: Biomass fuel can be burned along with coal as well as improve the burning efficiency.

Biomass central heating boiler pollution discharge.

Biomass boiler release small quantity of air toxins, as well as strong waste that can be recycled.

Contaminating gases

Biomass fuel produces little NOx and also no Co2. The SO2 emission is lower than 33.6 mg/m3, as well as the smoke as well as ash emission is lower than 46mg/m3. They are far lower than the nationwide requirement.

Strong waste

The major solid waste of biomass boiler is ash. They can be reused by made into potash plant food.

By equipping the biomass boiler with desulfurizing and also dust eliminating tool, we can reduce the pollutant discharge to minimum.

Environmental advantages of biomass boiler

To change coal with biomass fuel, we can reduce the contaminant emission in ambience. Meanwhile, the internet carbon exhaust of biomass gas is absolutely no, which can relieve greenhouse effect.

Fostering of biomass gas is a reliable method to use the plant waste. If richi pellet mill under natural condition, they will certainly create a lot of methane, which has higher pollution. By making them into gas, we can turn waste into wide range.

The recurring ash after melting can be made use of as potash plant food. By doing this, we accomplish the power recycle among straw-- gas-- plant food.