Testosterone lawsuits: Will they be reinstated in future?

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Since 2014, testosterone manufacturers have been subjected to testosterone lawsuits. Thousands more product liability lawsuits were filed across the country. It is because many men who had experienced sadness, mood fluctuations, fatig


The pandemic drew many into an internet frenzy, from shopping to ordering prescriptions. Many people were depressed during this tragic period for a variety of reasons. Many of them had experienced sadness, mood fluctuations, fatigue, physical weakness, and other symptoms. A Google search led them to the conclusion that the symptoms were the reason of low testosterone levels. Such males were drawn in by the enticing commercials for testosterone therapy. Because the medication was intended to treat hypogonadism, it began to be used off-label by men

Since 2014, testosterone manufacturers have been subjected to testosterone lawsuits. Thousands more product liability lawsuits were filed across the country. The majority of the claims were filed against AbbVie, which is why we are focusing on AbbVie here. Androgel, manufactured by AbbVie, has been accused of causing heart attacks. Around 4,500 of the over 7,000 testosterone replacement medicine cases were filed against AndroGel. AbbVie was hardly the only company facing testosterone claims. Endo Pharmaceuticals, Allergan, Juniper Pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly, and a few other companies were also on board.

Like in excessive opioid intakes, the low-T therapy too has side effects. The adverse side effects can include stimulating expansion of the prostate gland, larger breasts, sleep apnea, skin irritation or acne, restricted sperm count, high red blood cell count leading to thrombosis, and an increased risk of heart disease (not proven).

AbbVie developed AndroGel 1.62% in the 2000s and received FDA approval in 2003. Do not believe that AndroGel was approved without trials. The FDA discovered that 82% of males who used the gel improved in getting the average testosterone level in their bodies after a two-phase experiment on men with hypogonadism. AndroGel was later purchased. by Abbott Laboratories in 2010. And thus, came into the frame of testosterone lawsuits.

All testosterone lawsuits were merged as re: Testosterone Replacement Therapy Products Liability Litigation in MDL no. 2545 in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. The trials were presided over by Judge Matthew Kennelly. Three of the first four bellwether trials involved AbbVie. Meanwhile, AndroGel testosterone lawsuits filed by Illinois claimants against Abbvie were awaiting a verdict in Cook County Circuit Court.

The number of manufacturers and global settlements reveal the consequences of testosterone use, both planned and unintended. Even guys who had no previous cardiac or other health conditions were found to suffer after using testosterone therapy. If you believe you have low T levels, see a doctor to get them tested. Examine the dangers and advantages of testosterone replacement therapy. If the advantages outweigh the risks, you may proceed with the treatment. If not, avoid it at all costs in order to stay healthy. Low-T therapy are never recommended by doctors.

The desire to gain muscle bulk and improve sexual function is common among teenagers. However, the hazards outweigh the benefits. Never anticipate testosterone therapy to be as effective as Viagra. LezDo techmed has proven its mettle in obtaining reliable evidence from medical records to back their claims. If you intend to file a lawsuit, contact them to assure your success through effective medical record reviews.