What are the main issues we face in college football playoffs?

If you to know the issues, we face in college football playoffs. This article will you to learn.

There is a lot of buzz regarding the college football playoff and NCAA on the various sports sites, blogs, and forums. There is a rumor going around college football playoffs that there will be four teams playing in the playoffs that are yet to be selected by the committee. Since the original BCS came out, it has been talked about for years. The result came out that 90 percent of people were in favor of having the playoffs. However, the president of the BCS suggested some significant modifications to the college football playoffs. The model on which everyone has agreed has some issues that need to be looked at right now. Here are some of the difficult issues we face in the new college football playoffs system. 


Issues in college football playoffs 


It is known to everyone that four teams are likely to participate in the college football playoffs this season. Now, the next step is about finding out where these games will take place. Will they take place on neutral sites or BCS bowls or somewhere else is the question in place. To get a significant advantage, many fans are interested in the home playoff games as it will serve as an advantage to big ten schools. But it will turn out to be advantageous to both the teams, and the best team will likely win the contest. So there is a chance of only one choice over here. 

Limit of college football playoffs 

Many people are done with the four-team limit of college football playoffs and want it to expand. It's been seven years since the college football playoffs are in existence. To make the system more vigorous, the management is trying to switch to eight teams instead of four. The four-team system prevalent guarantees that the Power 5 conferences will always miss out. It is high time now that the switch should happen. 

Timing of games 

Another crucial issue hovering these days is when these games will be played. It is being said that either the event will be held before Christmas or after Christmas. If the event occurs before Christmas, the winners will get two weeks to prepare the game. However, they will be left with less time after Christmas. Besides these two options, the next option will be to start on a new year's eve. It will build more excitement up to the playoff games. As far as TV ratings and revenue are concerned, this is vital that when these games happen. 

Selection of teams 

How the four teams of the college football playoffs will be decided is not clear till now. Will the selection be done by the selection committee, and if so, when will it be free of biases. The other option is that the BCS will select the teams through the computer. Everybody is familiar with this system, but the fans are complaining about it. One thing that can be added over here is the margin of victory and the strength of the schedule to adjust the computer ratings. There is no doubt that it is the most critical factor in the college football playoffs to be planned; otherwise, there is no point in playing the playoffs. 

Way to finals 

There were many controversies last year when Alabama made it to the national championship despite losing to LSU. The people are aware that it is necessary to win the conference to participate in the national championship game. What people forget is that only one team can win the conference, not all. Having conference winners in the playoffs will decide the country's top four teams is the question in point. 


These are some of the issues faced by the people which they feel should be modified in the college football playoffs. Also, know about the betting tips to get the knack of the entire system. 



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