The ideal age to have sex

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Experts say 18 is the ideal age for both men and women to begin sexual activity. While there are a variety of hypotheses that imply differently,

Is sex always accompanied by white sheets, no clothing, and alcohol? Does this imply that you and your lover will strip down to your underwear and expose your vulnerability? As curious youngsters, developing adolescents, and an adult, we've all had a lot of questions. But something that should have stuck a long time ago didn't. Unfortunately, our sex education system deserves praise (read: blame). Unfortunately, many people in our nation are still unaware of the appropriate age to begin the sexual activity.


At 18

Experts say 18 is the ideal age for both men and women to begin sexual activity. While there are a variety of hypotheses that imply differently, we have discovered a very reasonable explanation for why scientists feel 18 is the appropriate age to begin. And no, our society's conventions have nothing to do with this logical argument. We're talking about pure science here, and how having sex before the age of consent can have physical and emotional consequences. Let's look at why 18 is the ideal age for the first sex.


Why for men?

WHY FOR MEN: Men and women both reach puberty at the same time. A man's body goes through significantly distinct alterations than a woman's. When males reach puberty, their testosterone levels grow, and they begin to notice changes in their bodies. Around this age, they begin to comprehend the concept of erections.


Boys Sex

BOYS AND SEX: Boys are not as emotionally evolved as females when they reach puberty, which occurs between the ages of 9 and 15. And this can lead to guys making hasty decisions, such as having sex. As a result, as kids reach adulthood, which occurs after the age of 17, they begin to comprehend the consequences of their acts more fully. Their bodies are more adapted to deal with post-sex feelings. As a result, 18 is the optimal age for guys to begin having sex in order to deal with the physical and emotional baggage it entails.


Why for women?

WHY FOR WOMEN: Women's development differs significantly from that of males. Their bodies go through a range of changes that might affect their mood at times. Sex after the age of 18 is the finest option and the perfect age for women since their bodies are still undeveloped and not ready to undergo a huge hormonal transition before then. According to a research, women who have sex before they become 17 are more likely to be depressed than women who do it after they turn 17.


Girls Sex

GIRLS AND SEX: Another factor to consider is that women's emotional quotient is higher than men's at any given age. This isn't because they're supposed to be little and delicate, but because women's bodies are naturally shaped in this way. As a result, sex before the age of 18 might carry much more emotional burden than it does for males.


Do it at the correct time

DO IT AT THE RIGHT TIME: The most important thing for both men and women to realise is that sex comes with its own mental and physical baggage. Your body begins to change, and you experience a variety of emotions that you have never experienced before, forming your relationships as a result. While sex is vital for health and might feel like a major issue at a certain age, consider these factors before engaging in sex and regretting it afterward. Giving in to temptations simply because your buddies are 'doing it' is not the best approach and should be avoided at all costs.


Use Precaution

PRACTICE PRECAUTIONS: It's also crucial to remember to take precautions when practicing safe sex. Do not be hesitant to use or even purchase a condom. Sexually transmitted infections and even adolescent pregnancy might be enhanced by unsafe sex.

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