face recognition identification

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face recognition identification face recognition identification face recognition identification

Digital signage is an integral part of modern life. Parks and facial recognition thermometer scenic spots are increasingly use them to replace the logo, posters and other printed materials, display dynamic multimedia content, and provide with static logo is almost impossible for opportunities for interaction.
Digital signage can release entertainment information, can notify customers, business information, and increase their income. The potential of digital signage media - often referred to as "digital signage" or "digital outdoor" - largely limited to the operators of imagination. But rather than because everyone else is doing it and launch a digital signage network, it is better to strictly define the business principle of digital display:
They are variable: they can show a mobile video, or face detection android static image rotation. The content that is displayed can immediately change, also can change automatically according to set schedule. They can provide audio and video, can also provide the opportunity to interact with customers, either through digital signage itself (now usually use the touch screen), can also by consumer own mobile devices.
But in fact, how do they provide business advantage? Perhaps from the most simple way to obtain a return on investment from digital sign is the use of digital signage for cross-selling and up-selling. Digital signage is a powerful way to encourage visitors to enter services they may not have considered in sampling elements of the project, such as food service and retail.
The need of customers and their journey has a deep understanding of, whether through physical location or by the day. Guest sat in the dining room table, for example, is unlikely to be interested in entertainment begins in five minutes, but face recognition identification might be dessert special meal temptation - unless it's breakfast time, in this case, the information about later in the day activities may be appropriate, because they may still be in a state of plan.
The advantages of other digital signage applications more downy, even if they can not directly improve the customer experience. There is sufficient evidence to show that, for example, if there is a digital sign such interference, queued up for the dead zone of time seems to be short, and not so boring.