ost Ark 3rd and 4th mokoko seeds from Twilight Mists

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When you reach the top and you'll be swarmed by an initial wave consisting of 33 creatures. After defeating them Lost Ark Gold, the quest text is changed to "Destroy the debris blocking the path and then move on'. You will see an orange circle to walk into to trigger this portion of the quest. Below it on the roof, in the foliage, is a second seed.

Mokoko Seed Four - The End Of The Roof

After defeating all the enemies on the roof In the quest, you are advised to go to the garden'. Prior to doing that, make sure you don't miss the mokoko seeds left of the wooden stairs just north of the jump point down.

Mokoko Seeds Five and Six - Secret Garden

Leave the Lotus Pavilion southeast, until you are in an area where four short bridges separate three circular stone floors. They are dotted with torches, which keep spawning ghosts. The southwestern of the three is also home to a cart within it. Smash the cart to reveal a jumping point. Climb up and then continue along the path until you find two more seeds - one located at the end of the path, and the second further to the east, in the lake.

Mokoko Seed Seven - Inside The Barrier

In order to get the final mokoko you'll need to go straight through the dungeon until almost to the end of the road. Then you'll be in a massive room, where you'll fight the last one of the Covetous Legion. After that, you'll be two jumps down to the room that will be the final Cheap Lost Ark Gold. Begin with the first and take a look at the landing you land at. The final one is on the left side of the jump point, on the corner near the wall.