Silk pillowcases could improve the condition of skin and hair

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The silk woven tensely by real silk allows skin and hair to glide smoothly over the pillowcase, reducing the friction of silk pillowcase between hair and skin, which is beneficial for reducing the facial wrinkles and locking the facial moisture.

25 years old seems to be a watershed. Everything is changing quietly once women are over 25. In the past, I could go out neatly with some skincare products, but now I have to make up every time I go downstairs to a supermarket. I used to believe that eye cream and masks were useless, and now when the mall is in sales or discount, I will store up a pile. Age has become an unspeakable secret. We run away from it but are chased by it helplessly. The age becomes more strict for females. Does life lose more possibilities when we exactly come to a certain age?


A female colleague in our office who is over 35 but whose skin condition is the same as aged about 20 said: “From my perspective, women’s beauty has nothing to do with age. What most important is that you have to take good care of yourself. When you are 20, you are reluctant to buy 200RMB eye cream, then in 30, you can not remove the wrinkles on your eye corner even though spending 20000RMB.” 


Hearing such heartbreaking words, I humbly touched my eye corner with my hand. She added: "women had to use silk when over 25, just as using eye cream in 20 without any feeling, but after 10 years, you will know how a big change you have been”. 


With her highly recommending, I realize silk has already become a necessity of exquisite women. Audrey Hepburn, who acts as the heroine in the film Tiffany ‘s Breakfast, falls asleep on silk bedding. But the whole set of silk bedding is so expensive, which is not superior to the upgrading and cost-effective pillowcase. Why not be closer to happiness?


Sleep is the source of the whole day’s spirit, which directly affects our appetite, immunity, and memory even the face beauty. For ”sleep well”, bedding becomes most important. A good dream of healing Lingsilk pillowcase is born for sleep. That must feel unique when waking up from a silk pillowcase.


Why do women have to use silk pillowcases?


We spend 1/3 time of our life on sleeping, and the skin rubs against the pillowcases years after years is the partly reason for producing wrinkles. Silk composition and water content are close to human skin. It is a pure natural skincare protein mask. Silk fibroin contains 18 amino acids beneficial to the human body, keeping skin moist and smooth. Lingsilk development team is attracted by these features above of silk pillowcase during 3-month investigation and research:



It won’t leave sleep marks with lying on your side all night;


Breathe sense for facial skin;


There is no plateau reaction on the cheek when waking up for sensitive skin;


The hair is still smooth and not tangled on the second day after sleeping for one night due to the low coefficient friction;


Bury your head in a silk pillowcase and that will be like a replenishment mask all night. It’s so comfortable to sink into such a land of warmth and tenderness. 


There have 12 grades in the silk material standard and the Lingsilk silk pillowcase belongs to the best--Grade 6A. What’s more, Lingsilk has certified the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, which means the products have passed more than 100 strict and professional tests in the research laboratory. The best quality guarantees your high-quality sleep.


Your life quality aged over 25 is determined by your attitude towards life. No matter what age you are, you can increase the sense of happiness in life by constantly trying and experiencing. Being good to yourself from choosing Lingsilk silk pillowcase, making the 1/3 of lifetime on the bed more comfortable and happier.