Common UPSC mistakes that you must avoid

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Know some common mistakes, that one should avoid while preparing for UPSC exam.

A few minor mistakes can prevent you from fulfilling your dream of becoming a UPSC officer. Almost every candidate knows the high competition level in the IAS exams. Thus, proper preparation is essential to beat several competitors across India. In some cases, lack of guidance causes these aspirants to make mistakes.

Find the list of those common mistakes and avoid them during your preparation. 

No short notes while studying something-

It is essential to make short notes and revise them every day. Moreover, it enables you to go through the content within the shortest time. For instance, you have a book of more than 300 pages. You cannot revise them within a short period.

Studying 15 to 16 hours is a must-

It is a misconception of the UPSC candidates, as they have heard it from their neighbours and friends. There is no need to study for long hours every day. The mental and physical stamina levels of every candidate are different. Thus, you have to focus on your own ability while preparing for the IPS exam.

A student who studies throughout the day and night loses energy. Ultimately, it affects his performance in the exam. That is why you can create a strategy on your own. 

No mock tests-

Several IPS candidates do not take mock tests seriously. Although you have read several books, you must take those mock tests. You can identify your weaknesses and customize your preparation process. Do not leave these mock tests until the last moment. Moreover, with a series of mock tests, you will gain time management skills and feel more confident. There are several online sites helping you with free mock tests. But, it is better to join a training academy to take their tests. It prepares the question paper based on the latest syllabus. 

Preparation without a proper schedule-

You cannot crack UPSC without studying the subjects according to your timetable. Thus, create a timetable and be more systematic. But, there must be a break time in your schedule. You have to save time for lunch, dinner, hobbies, and sleep. Make your timetable ready and develop a sense of discipline.

No analysis of the previous years’ question papers-

By reading the question papers of the past years, you will be familiar with the question pattern and the difficulty level. Especially the first-time candidates do not know anything about the UPSC exam.

Tips that you must know to avoid mistakes on the UPSC interview day-

Some candidates do not know the right IAS interview preparation techniques. Moreover, on the interview day, you do a few mistakes. So, some helpful tips will ensure better performance.

  • Do not eat fatty and fried foods-

You should not eat foods, which may result in stomach upset. It is better to have some light food a few days before the interview. Drink more fluids and keep yourself hydrated.

  • Reach the state at least a day before your interview-

Several candidates outside New Delhi appear for the UPSC exam. However, New Delhi is the destination city to attend UPSC interviews. Punctuality is always important for every aspirant. Thus, you must not make a delay for any reason.

  • Do not overlook what you have written on your resume-

You must learn about the hobby mentioned in the resume. Without some knowledge about it, you may face issues during the interview session. Moreover, you have to be updated about the current events in the country. Other candidates in the interview venue may misguide you. However, you should retain your own confidence.

  • Never wear uncomfortable clothes-

It is always safe to wear formal dresses on the day of the UPSC interview. For instance, females can wear sarees and suits, while males may put on normal shirts and pants. Choose light-colored dresses as an IAS candidate and present yourself smartly before the interviewer.

These are some tips for cracking UPSC. Although you have good communication skills and solid knowledge, minor mistakes can create obstacles. That is why you have to be careful in every step you take for your career. It will push you to the front and enable you to cherish your dream. You can also look for a training institute for better preparation.