In the present, Jagex has outlined plans to tackle the issue

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The TTRPG will comprise a stunningly illustrated, hardback book with guidelines for players playing a RuneScape tabletop roleplaying game with the possibility of RuneScape Gold creating the characters of their choice, discover Gielinor and develop thrilling and unique adventures. The TTRPG core book is also fully compatible with the fifth edition ruleset of Dungeons Dragons.

The RuneScape games will be Steamforged's 12th release of a video game for tabletop. Some of the previous versions include that of Monster Hunter: World board game, which earned PS3.4 million on Kickstarter in 2021.

The trading of virtual currencies against real-world currencies can be a problem for many online games, disrupting in-game economies, disrupting player experiences or making games pay-to-win situations. In RuneScape the trading of the virtual gold is one of the biggest issues with bots mining the resource, and accusations that the possibility to buy in-game "bonds" in real money amounts to gambling.

In the present, Jagex has outlined plans to tackle the issue. In a blog entry which is credited to "The RuneScape Team", Jagex states that "gold purchased via RWT is a problem in any online game with the ability to trade currency", and that although its "Anti-Cheating Team has done much to OSRS Buy Gold fight RWT sellers both inside as well out" It will soon be adopting more aggressive measures immediately. beginning.