Ways To Use Geolocation API

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The geolocation API lets you query the user’s position using several different approaches.

 You can get an estimation of latitude and longitude using a coarse or a fine mode, a more accurate position using a hybrid mode, and a maximum accuracy position.


Best Practices For Using Geolocation API

The location API has a good number of functionalities that can be used to find the user’s geographic position.


There are many use cases of Geolocation API. I have listed one of the common use cases below.

  1. You want to show users their position on a map and provide nearby places information.
  2. You want to find out the current location of a user and show a personalized message.
  3. You want to allow users to look up their current GPS coordinates.
  4. Calculating the distance between places
  5. Determining if a user is in a specific region or city
  6. Determining a user’s home location
  7. Making recommendations based on their location
  8. Improving Google search results based on location
  9. Finding nearby restaurants