Types of Candle Packaging Boxes

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There are several types of glass containers for candle packaging boxes. You can purchase a box that can hold 12 different-sized glass jars.

There are different types of candle packaging boxes, each designed to suit a specific product. The packaging of your candles is the first thing a customer notices when they purchase your products. In this article, you will learn about Candle Packaging Boxes, Glass containers, and Tissue paper. You will also learn about the various types of boxes, including custom-printed ones. There are several reasons why the packaging of your candles is important.

Build Brand Identity:

A custom-printed candle box offers your brand identity a premium touch. You can choose to have the box printed in full color, which means maximum space for artwork. The aqueous coating adds a glossy, matt, or high-gloss sheen that draws attention to your designs. Or, choose to leave it plain and provide a simple gift box for your candles. Small, lightweight candles should be printed on cardstock, while hefty ones should be printed on corrugated cardboard. Candle Packaging Boxes can make or break your sales.

Besides printing your logo and name, you can also choose to decorate the candle box with cute ribbons, artificial flowers, or other accessories. Such embellishments can make your product stand out from the rest and enhance your brand image.

Taper candles

In this modern era, candles are used for more than just fragrance. They are an essential part of weddings, birthday parties, and other social events, and can even be used during religious celebrations. Of course, candles need proper packaging, and it can be difficult to sell them without a suitable box. But that's where custom candle boxes come in! Custom box designs for taper candles are an excellent option for both businesses and individuals.

Choose a box that will protect your products from moisture and heat while maintaining the shape of the candle. Cardboard candle boxes are also shock-proof, which means that they can survive in any situation. The cardboard boxes also protect the candle from crushing.

Glass Containers:

There are several types of glass containers for candle packaging boxes. You can purchase a box that can hold 12 different-sized glass jars. While some jars need fitters to fit properly, others can be kept in place by using bubble-wrap sleeves. Some glass containers are interchangeable with a black or white box. You can also buy a kraft box if you prefer. You can also customize the look of the box by printing your logo or a personal message on it.

A glass container makes for a beautiful presentation for a candle, but it is expensive and prone to breakage. Even with packing, glass containers are quite fragile and are more expensive to ship. Tin containers are far more affordable and are less likely to break during the shipping cycle. Purchasing the right packaging materials for your candles is a great way to protect your investment and your customers. Shop around for the best deals on packaging materials for your candles.


Candles are often packaged in wooden boxes. A classic wooden candle packaging box is a rectangular footlocker with cast steel bale handles. A hinged lid reveals the candle box. Traditionally, these boxes were made of pine. Today, the same box shape is available in a variety of hardwoods. For a unique and beautiful candle packaging box, consider using one made of maple or oak. A hardwood box will show off the natural grain of the wood without drawing attention to the joinery.

Many candle brands are choosing wood boxes because of their beauty and rustic look. The simple wooden boxes will complement your candles. You can also choose carved wood boxes for your candles. Decorative wood candle boxes are highly in demand, especially if they're made of walnut or oak. There are many other materials to choose from, but carved wood is a classic choice. And if you're looking for unique candle packaging, consider using a wick.


Candles can be delicate and the wrong packaging can damage them. Candle shipping boxes can protect the products from the elements, and also offer enhanced protection. A custom-made candle box will be perfect for displaying candles on store shelves, and can even be used for direct selling online. Cardboard for candle packaging boxes can be made in any color or design. These boxes are child-safe and elegant, making them a great choice for a variety of uses.

Custom-made candle boxes are the most affordable way to store your products. Custom Printed Boxes can be made from a variety of materials and shipped flat. They are easy to assemble, as well. Simply fold, tuck, and flap the cardboard until it is the shape of a candle. Decorative adornment options are also available. And because each box is unique, it's easy to find the perfect design for your candles.