My name is Daniel Courcelle, and I'm 35 years old.

My name is Daniel Courcelle, and I'm 35 years old.


My name is Daniel Courcelle, and I'm 35 years old. I'm a professional photographer, I know everything about photography and video. I'm happy to provide my expertise. Video editing is something you must do if you want to create professional-looking video editing. This is a different matter when you must quickly edit a video from the internet or make a sequence of images. These tasks are handled by Movavi. Here you can download the application and learn even more about its features.

The interface of Movavi is instantly familiar to all users. For beginners, it's a godsend because it's simple. Each function can be discovered quickly, and there's no need to work with multiple windows and tabs simultaneously. This makes editing easy.

The timeline is at the bottom of your screen. It can be used to edit video content and allows clips to be cropped. Drag Drag Move Shuffle Two panels are equipped with editing tools. The first is aligned vertically and the second is higher than the timeline. The preview window tracks every change made.

It's extremely useful. It allows you to import files from your smartphone, webcam or other media. The files will be automatically added to the timeline of your project. However, you can also make video recordings in the editor itself. The video camera function can be used to record video for this reason.

However, in order to capture the screen, it's recommended to make use of a different software from the company, called Video Suite. It includes additional effects, a higher quality converter, and a more powerful equalizer.

There are numerous editing options. It is easy to make use of. Users can effortlessly move clips on the timeline, trim them in the right place, combine different pieces into one , decrease or enhance the sound.

To sum up it, the video editor is an excellent tool for the average user (not an engineer for video editing) who wishes to to quickly and quickly "stitch" beautiful video for personal use, without the need to understand the third-party software for editing video.


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