How Did Neel Khokhani Achieve His Professional Goals?

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Years before owning an aircraft, Neel Khokhani was relocated to Australia at 16 years, facilitated by Richard Branson and aimed to commence an airline. By then, his only limiting factor was that he could not fly. But learning how to fly put him a step ahead. At 18 years, he obtained his fl

Neel Khokhani's story started in his childhood. While he was still young, he had a dream of owning an airline. By then, his father kept telling him that he was too young and his dream was too big. 

During the same year, Neel Khokhani didn't give up and instead committed to achieving people's dreams. As a result of giving 100% to his dream, he's currently named the 51st  rank on the list of young entrepreneurs in Australia. His journey of achieving something from nothing wasn't as easy as you'd think. But despite all, he took every challenge as his motivation gear, including his job. 

As we currently speak, Neel Khokhani now owns a flying school in Australia. from the firm determination he had, he founded his aviation school, soar aviation school, in 2016. Soar aviation school currently has 67 aircraft, three airport campuses, and over 500 students.