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A pair of tiny round sunglasses saved my life after a long period of searching for a pair of sunglasses that fit my face.

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Are you having problems finding the right sunglasses this summer? You're not the only one who feels this way. We've all done it: shuffle through the lens rack, but something doesn't feel quite right. "Sunglasses simply don't work for me," you tell yourself.


Proozy is coming to save the day! Get your hands on some Oakleys, Ray-Bans, or any of the other high-end brands we have right now! Sunglasses may not look good on you since you haven't found a style that suits your face.


After a long hunt for a pair of sunglasses that fit my face, a pair of tiny round sunglasses saved my life. As I said my goodbyes to my cat-eye sunglasses and square frames, I was greeted by a New John Lennon persona.


The key to finding the ideal pair of sunglasses is determining your facial shape. The four most prevalent facial shapes are round, heart, square, and oval. Observing your face in the mirror may assist you in determining your facial shape. You can also measure the distance between your ear and ear, as well as the distance between your forehead and jawline, with a measuring instrument (even your finger would suffice).



Faces with round features have round features, as the term implies. The largest part of your face may be your cheeks, while your chin and forehead are thin. If you have a round face, avoid wearing circular frames. These will accentuate your roundness while reducing your bone structure, making you appear fatter. The best option is to use square frames. Wayfarers and other angular frames emphasise your cheekbones and add depth to your face.



Your brow and jawline are the largest features of your face if you have a square face shape. The most appealing shape for you is a circular frame. If your face is square-shaped, you should avoid wearing sunglasses that match your face shape. If you wear a circular frame, your face will appear more balanced and well-rounded.


Heart-shaped sunglasses add a flirty touch to the circular frame.



In heart shapes, the forehead is the broadest, with high cheekbones and a smaller jaw and chin. It's crucial to improve your facial structure by achieving a sense of balance. Choose a top that is slightly larger at the top and somewhat thinner at the bottom. Unlike their round and square colleagues, heart-shaped faces prefer hairstyles that complement the curve of their features. The eye is drawn upwards by classic aviator sunglasses, making your face appear longer and more youthful. Consider a pair without the rims if you don't like the look of aviators.



Oval faces are generally taller than they are wide because they are long and thin. You are an oval, so congrats! You'll be able to wear practically any design now that you've won the sunglass lottery. Avoid styles that are too broad or thin since they will extend your face. You can also mix and match a variety of frames, ranging from circular to huge aviators.


Sunglasses do not available in a single size, contrary to popular belief. Here are a few more suggestions to help you narrow down your search.


Some of us may have a face shape that is halfway between the two. If you're having trouble deciding, try experimenting with frames that compliment both your face shape and your face size.



Bug-eyed sunglasses have become fashionable thanks to celebrity street style, but they aren't doing us any favours. Avoid wearing styles that are too big or too little for your face. Avoid frames that are overly broad or short if your face is long and narrow. Stick to larger and shorter frames if you have a shorter, broader bone structure. If the bridge of your glasses rests comfortably and firmly on your nose, that's great.


Experiment with different looks and forms; if something appeals to you, put it on.