Global Temperature Rise: Reasons and Consequences

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Global problems represent substantial confusions which affect the economic, energetic, demographic, social, ecological, and other spheres of human lives

They touch not only certain regions, but the whole planet as well. So, regarding global issues, the Earth is an object. The world association and countries are the subjects. The basis of their appearance is human activity, which is related to human consciousness. Global problems are very important for all of us in reality. We have to resolve them in order to live farther with social, economic, and cultural progress.

Nowadays, one of the most actual themes is the global temperature rise. This is quite a contradictory phenomenon. It is not a myth, the problem really exists as it was discovered with a help of questionnaire writing strategies. Nevertheless, the main question is about the real consequences of global temperature rise for humanity and what they will bring in.

Even to research workers, it is not simple to understand the possible influences of global temperature rise on the whole world. Radically adjusted scientists are discussing the catastrophic consequences like submergence considerable areas of earth surface. Another group of ecological scientists convinced that global temperature rise does not create threats. There are a lot of speculations about this theme which are based on economical and political spheres.

Speaking about people, the global temperature rise will have an influence on our food and water supplies as well as on the diseases. Fallouts changes influence agriculture, energy, and economy. The water temperature rise will endanger fishing. The climate changes will have bad consequences on human health what cannot be adjusted to all life extreme situations. The increase of natural tragedies such as tornado, tsunami, and gale can be the reason of huge human victims.

The Summit in Copenhagen of 2009 was devoted to the problem of global temperature rise. The leaders of some African countries required money from developed countries to deal with hotbed gases. Trading quotas for extrass is close to economical part of the question. Temperature rise in the World Ocean and climate in general is a sad reality. The humanity has no possibilities to rescue many types of animals and plants. Well-known white arctic bears died because of deglaciation. On the other side, the growth of dry territories has a great influence on agriculture. Industrial enterprises give the highest percent of hotbed gases. I really do think that capitalistic life can go another way. The world businessmen get huge incomes from productions harming the environment. So, they will not consciously go another way losing money.

Unfortunately, we are not able to stop global temperature rise. The one thing we can do is to be ready to reduce a speed of temperature rise and ice melting in the same way. Humanity has to be ready to reduce the extrass of hotbed gases in the atmosphere as soon as possible. It can be late tomorrow. First of all, the humans have to change their consciousness. We have to understand our personal responsibilities of saving and protecting our nature and the whole Earth. Our lives depend on us. Only the humanity can change it if it goes wrong. Second, the governments have to provide severe system of fines because of hotbed gases and other harmful matters.

In conclusion, we are not just inhabitants. The humanity has to be responsible for the Earth’s state after life. People should treat with love not only each other but also theh nature. It is not eternal like all of us.